The Current Dauntless Update Is Now Live Includes New

Dauntless patch 1.8.3 is currently online and also includes a range of new content, consisting of a new Behemoth, Quest Pass, video game modifications, and also much more.

In spot 1.83, players will certainly encounter the brand-new Behemoth, Savvy, released by Ostia across the Shattered Isles. Savvy is creating chaos in the Hunting Grounds, so players should take it down and also unlock a brand-new draftable gear set. Chain blades have actually likewise obtained a spot, with updated combinations as well as brand-new animations, as well as some high quality of life improvements.

Cold runner Key as well as Boreal Outpost have actually likewise been revitalized in order to inform a more fascinating story. Players can now explore two drifting islands, construct defenses, as well as aid Linnet Silver combat the brand-new Behemoth. The programmer, Phoenix AZ Labs, noted that this web content upgrade is simply the beginning of including new tale and also player activities into the Hunting Grounds.

With the most up-to-date Search Pass– Dauntless’ version of a fight pass– players will certainly be able to open wasteland cosmetics and also armor, as well as check out the recurring tale through once a week quests. Meanwhile, the designer has also added a collection of new items to the Compensate Cache that players can unlock by gaining Orrery Coins.

Together with new content, spot 1.8.3 has actually finally made Dauntless playable on new-gen gaming consoles, including PS5 as well as Xbox Collection X|S.

Dauntless Spot 1.8.3 spot notes:

Chain Blades.

A set amount of meter is now produced with each individual strike, rather than by damage dealt.
The little pips under the tool meter currently have a main name– energy.
Blade Spin currently enables you to move around throughout the combination, so you’re not incapacitated in a solitary spot when the Behemoth moves while you’re mid-combo.
Lacerating Impacts, a brand-new hefty attack combination, now deal injury damages.
Gotten Rid Of the Chain Pull from the Reaping machine’s Dancing and also Pressing Dancing specials.
Added Chain Pull to the fundamental relocation set. Ahead + heavy strike will currently do Chain Pull.
Gotten Rid Of the Turning Blades combination.
All specials and also mods have obtained mechanical and equilibrium adjustments. Head to the Training Premises to check out these enhancements..


Salvo Chamber damages boosted from 400/450 (default/empowered) to 450/ 500.

The Chromosome.

Slightly raised the quantity of time the Chromosome is surprised for.
Reduced the active damages window on its body while entering its infuriated state.
Increased the dimension of its AOE assault while entering its enraged state.
Additionally decreased the amount of unintended player crashes while moving the Leviathan to avoid players from being released.


Somewhat boosted the amount of time a projectile remains on the ground before taking off. Much better begin running..


Ace chips are no more in the video game and have actually been changed with nethermost. Any kind of continuing to be ace chips have actually been automatically converted to nethermost at the rate of 12 nethermost per ace chip.
Battle merits and exploration merits are now integrated into simply combat values.

Dauntless 1.8.3 - NEW BEHEMOTH - Sahvyt, Chain Blade Rework, Next Gen


Increase Ruthless’ either rush impacts from 20/30/50% to 40/70/100% at rankings 4/5/6.
Rise Barbed’s benefit injury damages on hit from +5/ 10/15/20/ 30/40 to +10/ 20/30/40/ 50/60.
Increase Barbed’s reward injury damage on the following hit after dodging with a strike from +200/ 200/400 to +250/ 360/500 at rankings 4/5/6.
Boost Pitiless’ injury damage vs staggered Leviathans from +25/ 40/55/70/ 85/100 to +40/ 60/80/100/ 115/130.
Merciless now boosts wound period by +20%/ 40%/ 60% at rank 4/5/6.
Frosts mollusks now use the cooled rebuff as opposed to the frozen rebuff.


Slayers will now need to be both tool degree 18 and Acceleration Level 20 of the same Rise type as the existing Brave Rise to matchmaker openly.

The Hunting Grounds.

Savvy now generates on Driftwood, Cold runner Key, and Cape Fierceness.
Flame born Quill shot is no longer guaranteed on Driftwood, yet still spawns.
Wayzata now spawns on Driftwood.
Valor and also Rockfall San no longer spawns on Driftwood.
Deep frost Ember mane is now ensured on Cold runner Key.
Shock jaw Wayzata as well as Valor no more generates on Cold runner Key.
Rift stalker no longer generates on Cape Fury.


Cores acquired at Girl Luck’s store will now appear in a different group at the core breaker.
Added a map of Rams gate to the major menu.
Added a progress bar as well as a completed state to the weekly sections in the difficulty screen.
Enhanced the quest interface showed when connecting with NPCs.
Players can currently see their Acceleration level and development directly from the search food selection when selecting an Acceleration.


Boosted efficiency throughout store purchases.
Improved tons times throughout systems.
Improved efficiency when browsing menus.


Gotten rid of blood VFX from hits to lower mess.
Eliminated auto racing from Rams gate as a result of it being underused and not fulfilling our top quality requirements.

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