Chorus Space Shooter released

Today, Deep Silver announces the publication of Chorus together with developers DS Fish labs. With Chorus, Fish labs has picked up the nostalgic sense of classic space shooter and skillfully mixed with a contemporary mindset to further develop the spirit of these games.

Chorus for Xbox in the test

Chorus is available today for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC and Amazon Luna.

In Chorus, players assume control of the pilot-ace NARA, a fleeting in search of the destruction of the dark cult who created them, who must face their pursued past on the way.

Together with her sensitive star fighter Forsaken, she explores ancient temple, participates in exciting heavy-reliance fighting and struggling to unite the resistance forces against the cult (known as the circle) and his leader, the great prophets.

Chorus: The First 15 Minutes of PS5 Gameplay

The circle is ruled by the big prophet, but it is not much known about this mysterious figure. Among his command, NARA and the abandoned for many of the great victories and atrocities of the cult were responsible on his way to domination over the galaxy. Once the most deadly warrior of the Circle, NARA is now the most wanted refugee.

Players take control of NARA, the most deadly warrior of the cult of Circle, who has become its mostly requested person. She wants to destroy the dark cult, which she once created. You are available in a true evolution of the space shooter powerful weapons and awareness amended skills. Together with Forsaken, their sentient star fighter, she explores ancient temple, fighting in weightlessness and looks behind the facades of our awakening reality.

A journey of redress

Players lead NARA, an outstanding pilot, which works together with forenoons of their past. Your journey takes you across the galaxy and behind the limits of reality. She struggles for the reunification of the rebel groups, against the cult and her leader, the great prophet — cost it something wool.

Travel behind the emptiness

A dark new universe, packed with secrets and conflicts. Stunning areas are waiting for their discovery: huge space stations and strange levels behind our reality. Epic fighting in weightlessness, both in the boundless cosmos and in tight corridors. Chorus combines spectacular space exploration with rapid battles and action.

A pilot, a ship, a living weapon

Use and unlock powerful and fatal weapons as well as valuable combat upgrades. Dominate the incomparable drift mechanism of the spaceship and the awareness-raising skills, teleportation and telekineses. Tracks huge opponents and destroy gigantic fighting ships. Players bundle the firepower of their ship to become the most powerful, living weapon.

Key Features

An incomparable single player experience
Games as a dual protagonist: NARA and their sensitive I companion and star fighter Forsaken, on a journey of redress
Experience action-packed gameplay that develops the spirit of a classic space shooter
Struggles and clubs at the same time the rebels in the fight against the Circle and their mysterious leader, the dark prophets
Fight against hordes on opposing star fighters, huge combat boats and unknown things from the emptiness of the room.
Use powerful, destructive weapons and fascinating skills in weightlessness
Explore A Dark New Sci FI Universe, packed with secrets and exciting conflicts
Enjoy stunning Next Gen graphics in 4K — in all details
Designed to fully exploit the GEN 9 hardware:
Ray Traced Reflections
4K resolution with 60fps
Brilliant destruction effects
High quality volumetric
Incredible environmental effects

Chorus is available today for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC and Amazon Luna.

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