BVB in the top game against Bavaria Haaland can not do 9 90 minutes Bellingham

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Borussia Dortmund has punctually returned to the top match of the Football Bundesliga on Saturday against Bayern Munich again more personal options. More players in the squad mean a different competition, we can almost scare on Saturday, reported coach Marco Rose on Friday.

PES 2021 | Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund | Bundesliga | Penalty Shootout Gameplay

From the replacement bench, he could shoot in the course of the game then still really high quality. I’ll even have to disappoint player.

Exception-Towers Erlang Haaland, who had given the VFL Wolfsburg (3: 1) in the game at the VFL Wolfsburg (3: 1), will probably start for the first time after his hip pub injury — but most likely it is not enough for 90 minutes, Rose said. Haaland but have a good training week behind.

However, this does not apply to a very important internal chest. Manuel Kanji has not trained little until all, that may be a point landing, Rose said, At Jude Bellingham, on the other hand, we are very hopeful. The English international trains in full again.

Rose has made his team really hot. We have the Bavaria in direct duel here, we want to shoot you and shoot gates, said the coach. The last league in March had lost the BVB in Munich 2: 4, as well as the Super cup in August (1: 3).

About an alleged training dispute between Thomas Meunière and Raphael Guerrero joked the coach: I had the impression that talked about the Christmas holiday on the 18th and were not quite agreed where to go. In the cabin, the mood was good in the cabin Order.

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