New free game immediately has 10 000 players on Steam is like a fighting jet

From the Ashes is a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons’s World of Grey hawk project setting.

Today, on December 2, Century: Age of Ashes appeared for the PC on Steam. Only a few hours after release the game could attract thousands of fans and enjoy good reviews. Mango explains what it has with Century.

What is this for a game? In Century: Age of Ashes you play a dragon rider that starts with its flying companion against other dragon riders.

It is a PVP game in the style of War Thunder or the failed World of Warplanes, only with dragons instead of aircraft. The game is played in rounds and teams, whereby the division should go from the small 3VS3 to 6VS6VS6 battles. Century offers 3 different game modes to Release:

Cutlets (or war share): Gold states by NPCs and the opponents while protecting your own.
Survival: A kind of Team Deathwatch with limited respawns and renovations for 18 players in 3 teams.
Goals of the Fire: Goes a flag and flies through goals in the arena to get points.

The dragons or riders themselves are divided into classes. Here are three classes to choose from, which should differ greatly from each other:

Wind guards: something like tanks or protector
Marauders: The counterpart to a fighter for the persecution
Phantoms: Can race and fall

Your dragons and the rider should be able to adapt. Skins that are commercially available in the shop change the look. There are tanks, saddles and more to choose from. These are purely cosmetic changes. You will find Century: Age of Dragons here on Steam.

Like a fighting jet game, but with dragons

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How is CENTURY: Age of Ashes on? Already shortly after the start, CENTURY has 9,979 players on Steam, trend sinking (via; Stand 17:55 clock). This is at 2nd place of the current trends. The ratings are balanced with 57%, with 217 reviews so far.

The biggest plus according to reviews are the dragons. The style of plays reminds many players at air fighting games. The game offers fast, action-packed rounds with grazing gameplay.

Even critics praise: The game is in principle like a fighting jet game, but with dragons. Solid graphic and game concept. Good diversity and differences between classes. However, the performance is not yet ideal.

The servers are still unstable, playing with friends do not always work. In a round to come duration and from the game modes just Team Deathwatch was possible.

Another player with over 100 hours in the beta says the game rejoice is going to try, but the long-term motivation is still missing him. However, according to many reviews, the biggest problem is just the faulty servers.

When and where can I play it? Since today, December 2, CENTURY: Age of Ashes is available on Steam for free for the PC. You can easily download and play you about the client.

If CENTURY: Age of Ashes is not convinced, you can also look forward to the end of 2021 on one or the other release — and the coming year is already in front of the door:

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