Activision Blizzard CEO harms the products and sells talents says analystic

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The Giant Publisher Activision Blizzard King (ABK) was sued several times due to sexual assaults, discrimination and the like. At the latest since a newer report on the CEO and corporate leader Bobby Kick, vehemently resigns is required, including shareholder. But the man does not want to go, or rather according to his own statement maybe someday if he does not get the problems quickly enough. Now the Senior Test Analyzer Jessica Gonzalez leaves the company and turns back sharp criticism of the Blizzard boss Activision.

Activision Blizzard: Senior Test Analyzer goes and demands resignation of CEO Bobby Kick

What’s up here? At Activision Blizzard, hell is going on. For months, various scandals shake and complain to the publisher of Diablo, Overwatch and Call of Duty. There a sexist and generally toxic working atmosphere is to prevail, sexual assaults and discrimination seem almost to be the agenda.

Activision Blizzard CEO doesn't see opportunity to sell products directly in China

The CEO Bobby Kick apparently knew despite other statements for years, was probably actively involved and apparently covered others accused instead of proceeding against the states. You’ll find more about it here:

Activision CEO apparently knew for years of sexual attacks and has not done anything

Activision Blizzard: Criticism of PlayStation boss and Shareholder demand resignation of the CEO
Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to reconsider relationship with Activision Blizzard according to current reports

And here:

What is new now? The senior test analyst and co-organizer by Activision Blizzard-Walkouts called Jessica Gonzalez leaves the company. In a Twitter statement for their termination, she explains her motivations and is directed directly to the CEO Bobby Kick, with a sharp criticism, whose withdrawal she again demands:

Your inactivity and refusal to assume responsibility, great talents and the products will suffer from their position as CEO from their position. That sounds hard, but they had years to repair the culture and see themselves At where the company is currently.

Jessica Gonzalez was also known as one of the most important voices of grouping A Better ABK. The workers not only demand the resignation of Bobby Kick, but also a union and have already organized two major Walkouts within five months due to the many problems within five months. These are protests in the form of small mini strikes, where employees lay down their work to demonstrate.

I believe that with enough education and awareness can be a great place. There is still a lot of work to do, and I am mentally wounded by this fight. It was a long and powerful way, but it’s not over.

Jessica Gonzalez not only returns Activision Blizzard King, but the entire game industry back. You will work in a Senior Quality Engineering role for a financial tech company. Her last working day at Activision is the 10th of December and you regret that you could not meet your colleagues in more comfortable circumstances. She will continue to lead her fight for workers internal rights, inclusion, diversity and equality.

What do you say about the allegations that Bobby Kick’s talents are distributing and shame the products?

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