Follow the Gala of the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes live and take great prizes

We already have everything ready for the celebration of the 3D game Huawei 2021! The Great Video game Party of 3DGames is celebrated tomorrow, Thursday, December 2 at 21: 00 Live (see here your time slot) from our YouTube channel. We will reward the best of 2021, we will corporate our first masterpieces, a musical number of Hollow Earth with its Going to Meet Today that put sound to the 3D SUPERIOR, and we will have a luxury companion in the presentation of the Event: Maya Pixelskaya!

From the mere announcement of the prizes we have underlined the importance of the readers and friends of 3D games in it, and it was not a palaver: we have selected some readers so that they can live the live gala with us and enjoy the Huawei room From a three competition in one of our setups with screens Huawei Mate view GT. The objective? Be the fastest in a circuit of DIRT 5 and aspire to win a batch of Huawei products composed of a clock Huawei Band 6, a headphone Huawei Freebies 4 and a Tablet Huawei Mate pad 10.4. Haven’t you have been one of the lucky ones? Do not worry! We have a contest for you live.

Throughout the day of tomorrow we will take some questions to the spectators. The first to give the correct answer One of the masterpieces of 3D games of 2021 will be taken. The best? That the entire community of 3D games will be able to participate in the contest no matter where it comes from! All you have to do is attentive to our questions and be quick to show your Gamer Wisdom. They will not be simple questions! Only the authentic scholars of the video game will take a digital masterpiece to your home.

But what would be of the 3D game Huawei 2021 without their awards? Below we refreshed categories and nominated for each prize :

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Awards and candidates From this edition are the following:

In your hand it is crown the game of the year of the 3D-Games community. During the last days you have been voting for your favorite, and soon we will know the winner. A reader will deliver the award with our director, Álvaro Castellano, at the Gala of the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes.

With the change of score in 3DGEGOS we began a new way of rewarding the great video games of the year in 3D games. The climax of said change will be during the 3D game Huawei 2021, at which time we are going to crown the different masterpieces that will compete for being the game of the year of 3D Games.

We want to reward the passion for video games with two new awards that are born in the 3D Games Huawei 2021 awards. We want to reward love for video games of an Internet personality who has not hesitated to show his facet gamer and serve her on her day to day to improve the community; Project with impact, on the other hand, will reward a project based on love and the purest passion for value video games for players. Who will be the graceful?

Do you know the best? That we are still reserving something in the bedroom for all of you tomorrow. Do not lose detail of everything that can come in social networks throughout tomorrow, because we still have an imposing prize for our entire community. See you at the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes!

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