Bobby Kotick still does not resign but Activision Blizzard promises new measures after the latest news

Leadership position in Bobby Kick Activision Blizzard is more challenged than ever, with major industry partners, hundreds of employees and small groups of shareholders asking for major changes in the future of the company. However, parents of Call of Duty are convinced to turn around the situation without searching for a new CEO. So, a few hours ago it was announced the launch of a special commission harassment.

He christened Committee responsible for the workplace, is a body led by two independent directors, Rev eta Bowers and Dawn Ossoff, the only two women on the board of directors of the company and one veteran no more than three years in the company. Its objective will be monitor the correct implementation of all measures announced weeks ago by Bobby Kick of Activision Blizzard for a healthier working environment.

Moreover, in the statement issued by the entity claims to be looking for a new representative and diverse for joining the Board.

CEO Bobby Kotick Says He'll Consider Leaving Activision Blizzard If He Can't Fix It Quick Enough...

The board wants all employees feel valued, safe and respected The board of Activision Blizzard is committed to ensuring a healthy workplace where all employees feel valued, safe and respected, he says, adding all the efforts put in place to translate into action their promises, but guaranteeing taking additional measures if necessary. While the company, with the support of the council, has achieved significant progress in enhancing the culture of the workplace, is evident that current circumstances require us to greater participation, they conclude, firm in their conviction be able to give a better future to Activision Blizzard.

The statement leaves a clearer Bobby Kick once follow the helm of the company, being regularly informed of all developments in this field. Recall that in recent days PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have expressed their concern about the situation of one of the great publishing industry, while hundreds of employees signed demanding the resignation of the CEO.

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