Nintendo Switch Cored newcomer combines Zelda and Dark Souls

After a few successful months on other platforms, a real indie pearl also appears for the Nintendo Switch. As a small crow, you should dissolve dungeon puzzles and put you heavy opponents — a successful mix of Zelda and Dark Soul awaits you.

Death’s Door finally appears for Nintendo Switch

5 Things Zelda Breath of The Wild Might Learn From Dark Souls

Nintendo’s hybrid console is again latecomer, but finally there is Death’s Door for the switch. The very positively evaluated Action-RPG is published on July 20 this year for PC, PlayStation and Xbox and can players and players since To convince yourself.

In reviews, above all, are always called the fantastic style as well as the gloomy, cute and humorous staging than the the strongest points of the game. In Death’s Door you play a crow whose job is to harvest the souls of the dead.

Her Outer’s work every day is headed on his head, as one of her souls stolen and abducted into a foreign rich. Now it’s up to you to get the soul back. And maybe you also solve the puzzle about the actual role of crows and other secrets of the world.

Show you here the switch trailer to Death’s Door:

A successful mix of Zelda and Dark Souls

In the charming world of Death’s Door there are many prosperity and cute characters that can get to know you through dialogues or fights better — and want, when it goes to the Steam reviews.

But not only the world and their characters are similarly interesting as a Dark soul or a Breath of the Wild. The gameplay also connects the two legendary gaming hen together. So you will take your way of often by dungeons, who wait with riddles à la Zelda on you.

What reminds in Death’s Door at Dark Souls are the rapid struggles that are as hard as a hard. Your opponents should, according to the official Steam page for the game, your mistake immediately punish. Fight in melee, with arrows or magic and misses your characters new skills and values ​​to give you an advantage. (Source: Steam)

Imagine in Death’s Door Fantasies, Half Gods and Colossal Tyrants and find out more about their own stories and motivations — now also on the Nintendo Switch.

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