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The developers of the SIMS 4 (from 4.80 € buy) have considered a new method as they can give players even greater influence on the life of the Sims. So it was e.g. so far very crowdable to influence the neighbors. If you wanted the complete control over your life, you had to bring them into the actively played household. Now Maxis has made it possible that the lives of neighbors can also be influenced without having to live together directly with them.

In the new update Neighborhood Stories it will be possible to evoke life changes at Sims. This would like to give the neighborhood sims that do not live in the active household, more liveliness. Impacts will show up with SIMS that communicates with the actively played household. These are e.g. Colleagues, friends from the gym or a SIM that was welcomed with a fruit cake in the neighborhood. The Tengelmann is now excluded.
The update of the Neighborhood stories encompasses life changes to which player Sims can encourage their neighborhood sims, and on the other hand, the neighborhood Sims independently consider. For some changes, both applies.

Here are the changes that are possible with the first publication of the neighborhood stories. The whole project is so extensive that several publications will take place.

Independent or actively influenced by a SIM live changes:
Switch the career.
Get a baby with the partner when the two are in a relationship in which a SIM can become pregnant.
Depend on other SIMS to build or deepen friendly relationships.

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Life changes that can only be listed independently:
Trying to be transported in the current career.
Accept a marriage proposal if you are already engaged with another SIM. Neighborhood Sims are not married for the time being autonomously.

From active SIM influenced life changes:
Talk badly with a SIM about the other, which significantly deteriorates the relationship between the two neighborhood Sims.
Two adults or two teenagers make them a romantic relationship.
Try to convince a SIM in a relationship of being separating / divorce.
Convince an unemployed neighborhood SIM to look for a job.

Nevertheless, the Sims will not be independent. For all who still want to keep control of all events, the developers have also built a loophole: before the SIMs make a final decision, call your actively played Sims and ask for advice. With the phone call, the players can decide with a yes — or no response whether the SIM should implement his plans into action. But you can also give them the decision.

The update also brings two new endeavors for your Sims: trusting neighbor / trustful neighbor and common heartbreaker / common heartbreakers.
The neighborhood stories are integrated with the base game update, which is published on 30 November 2021. Further details on the update can be found on the official website for the SIMS 4.

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