Marvel s Avengers brings back a long awaited feature

Marvel’s Avengers is ready to launch a new playable character in Spider-Man and a new Law RAID entitled Discount Sound at the end of the month, but those are not all the updates that will reach the game on November 30. In addition to a reworking of the gear system. And the new shipping system, there will also be the return of a requested function that we have not seen in the mixture for a minute (through Square Enix). That is the return of the seller of cosmetics, and although some will point out that the seller of cosmetics never went completely, those who have continued playing the game know that the cosmetic items that the seller had been available for a while. For the developer to update and re-establish the system.

Now, on the patch 2.2, the cosmetics seller, who is Chastity McBride in the game, will again offer a full rotating selection of elements, including costumes, gestures and identification plates. The first 16 slots will have a combination of elements that will rotate daily, while the four special elements section will be a little different.

This section will show a single set of elements each month for a specific period of time, and these will rotate each week. This section may include costumes that were previously only available through special promotions, as well as new costumes.

Marvel's Avengers Broke Their Promise To Players.
The Cosmetic Vendor was an excellent way to buy new costumes with units, which are obtained through the game, so it is not necessary to spend additional money. Unfortunately, it was rare for new costumes or costumes that you have not yet possessed, so they eliminated most of the elements so that they could re-establish the system.

If these new changes are maintained, this should no longer be the case, and will give players a reason to go through more missions if they have a reason to visit the game market.

You can find the official description of Marvel’s Avengers below:

«Marvel’s Avengers is a unique version of these iconic superheroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor. This history based on characters celebrates Marvel’s authentic heroism and humanity in a film campaign full of individual players and cooperative missions.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available at PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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