For Streamer Shroud New World is the best MMO because it does not hold the player by hand

The Twitch Streamer Shroud is one of the biggest positive voices for Amazon MMORPG New World. For him, New World is his favorite stream game, and he even praised the developers for their attempts to resolve some of the title’s problems.

NEW WORLD for Shroud the best MMO

The streamer is still aware that New World will probably not survive too long in its current form, and made Amazon a few tips on how to save the MMO. One thing, however, Shroud is perfect at the new MMORPG: the fact that the title does not hold the player at the hand:

I noticed that the game holds you active. If you expect you to say that the game tells you what you should do… This is a little different with this game because it does not hold you by the hand. Went You expect you to explain what you have to do, it does not do that. You just have to find it out.

20 Times Shroud Showed Us He’s Addicted to New World
For Shroud, this aspect ensures the greatest fun in Amazon’s New World (Buy Now €39.99), which distinguishes it from other MMOs.

I think some people just do not do anything because they do not know what they should do. But if they simply think for a second and seek things they can do, that’s the right chess train.

This opinion also represent some other members of the community. For example, a user of the official forums created a contribution about a month ago that New World has tons of content, you just have to find them.

From Daniel Link
23.11.2021 at 17:40

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