Twitch star Bbjess says Twitch has cheated her for money

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The popular Just-chatting streamer BB Jess asked the Internet for help. According to their own statements, Twitch has not paid their revenue from the month of October. After reaching 10,400 paying subscribers last month, Twitch did not pay off the revenue of several tens of thousand US dollars.

What exactly happened?

On November 19, BB Jess was turned to the public by Twitter: Twitch owes me tens of thousands of dollars. My payment method is fine. How can a company get away from making his employees?

She continues and claims that other streamers have not received any payout, but does not name a closer name.

BB Jess has told Desert in an interview that they are worried, their lack of payments could be related to their Twitch-Bann of 20 October.

This spell is probably associated with her iconic bbjessboobe — emote. This emotes was removed from the platform due to the presentation of sexual content and nudity. The spell was already repealed after 19 hours and the locked emote is in the exact same version, under a modified name, back on the platform.

The 26-year-old feels the outstanding payment as a punishment for their unjustifiable spell. Your statement after many smaller streamers have received no payout for months. BB Jess just wishes you only good communication between her and twitch:

Its sad to know that after working so hard to become a partner and tilted to count to the 80 Managed channels, which [E] [achievement] is still not enough, a person as To get a call partner or a [twitch] manager. It is frightening that I just not get paid, and it feels unprofessional.

According to Desert, the partner contract between BB Jess and Twitch of the Website admits 45 days after the end of the month to pay off the revenue.

Twitch is always in criticism when it comes to dealing with the platform with its streamers. Thus, Dr Disrespect described his permanent band as a call damaging.

Who is bless?

BB Jess is well-received by its sloping humor at the spectators. This humor, coupled with the high production value of their streams, have Jessica as they are called real names — literally go through the ceiling.

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Not only did she reach the 10,400 subscribers, but also cracked the 41,000 Follower brands on Twitch. In direct comparison to the previous month, their followers alone has more than tripled according to the Twitch tracker more than tripled and the number of their subscribers has almost quintet. Thus, it is one of the top 0.04% on Twitch.

In an interview with Lifetime, the 26-year-old American told that she had come to the platform during the pandemic. Her Twitch helped immense to survive the Lockdown.

Your streams are a performance according to your own statement. They are a wild mix of funny dance passages, flashing blinds and calmer sections in which she entertains her chat. A true BB Jess stream reminds of a true fever room according to your own statement.

Sources : Desert, Lifetime

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