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Steven Kenneth Bonnell II (born December 12, 1988), known online as Destiny, is an American Twitch streamer, political analyst, and also YouTube character. He was amongst the very first individuals to stream computer game on the internet full-time as well as got focus as a leader of the sector.
Considering that 2016 he has actually obtained more attention for live-streaming political debates with various other online personalities, in which he promotes for liberal national politics.

The nominees for the The Game Award prize Content Creator of the Year 2021 are fixed. On the list of nominees is also the incredibly popular hot craft YouTuber Dream. Although Dream is hardly on Twitch and otherwise only twitch streamer are nominated, his name can be found on the list. But that does not like the Twitch Streamer Skunk and Ludwig. The cars are easy to practice criticism.

What is this for a price? On the 9th of December there is the The Game Awards, this is a show of Geoff I moderate every gaming show Kafka. It takes place live in Los Angeles. If it goes to Kafka, these are the same as the video game Oscars. In fact, the show often also announces news from new video games.

There are 30 prizes, including the price of the Content Creator of the Year 2021.

A jury of 103 worldwide media and influencers nominates the possible award winners. The winners are selected by the jury (90%) and the votes of the fans (10%).

3 Non-English speaking streamer and dream nominated

Who is nominated for the price? For the price Content Creator FO the Year are nominated:

Greg — a Spanish-speaking twitch streamer to Fortnite
IAI — a Spanish-speaking twitch streamer for everything
Gauges — a Portuguese-speaking twitch streamer, too, especially CS: Go
Muslim — an English-speaking twitch streamer who is traveling at Just Chatting and Valorant
Dream — An English-speaking YouTuber who dominates Minecraft

Twitch Streamer indicate, other nominations would be better than dream

What is the controversy? Dream is quite a troll that has a huge range about social media. He writes under the tweet of the award, people should vote for him — and he got 2500 comment, 2900 Retweets and nearly 57,000 likes.

Recently he was already assumed that he would manipulate votes maliciously with his influence.

The two Twitch Streamer Skunk and Ludwig have also expressed the nominations.

Sukkur says: It is already a bit funny that people are nominated, which do not stream so often. He does not speak exactly where he says, but it is obviously meant Dream, who has streamed only 10 hours in the last 90 days.

Sukkur would treat a nomination rather Ludwig, who has revolutionized streaming with his events. He also sees QC at the front.

Ludwig in turn said, in his view, talents such as Sukkur, QC, Tommy innit or Jerma985 deserves a nomination. It has always been a bit of a snack if you do not nominate such talents.

Dream fans criticize Ludwig

Thats how it went on: Ludwig had to listen to Twitter of a Dream fan, that was unsportsmanlike. He just should congratulate the nominees and let it be good.

Most Popular Minecraft Streamers (2015-2020)

If he could not do that, he also deserves nothing. Therefore, Ludwig is not nominated.

Dream Again, at his 5 nominated for the content creator of the year, Brad Ludwig and QC also presented. In addition, Mickie, the YouTube streamer Valkyrie and Tommyinit / Bamboo — he could not decide.

US streamers who see themselves as Kern-Twitch look irritated

This is behind it: The discussion shows the cliques behavior on Twitch. There are some streamers who want to see themselves and their respective friends as the center of Twitch and would like to recognize, if — from modesty — not for themselves, then for the people from the same niche. However, the niche for the popular twitch streamers such as Ludwig, Skunk or QC is not a single one of the nominees on the list.

The actual controversy on the list from the point of view of the US streamer is that three non-English-language streamer stand on the list that does not matter in the US scene.

Also, Muslim (6,650 spectators on average) is actually not as present in the Twitch scene as Primate or Amaranth. The Americans do not have twitch outside their voice space at all on the screen, how to notice again and again. That a German one belongs to the highest paid Twitch Streamer did not clear for some.

Strange is actually but that the only male American who is nominated, Dream is on the list, which is the only one of the nominated barely on Twitch.

Since the selection of the jury of the price seems to be controversial. Where the jury already has a few points: On the one hand, the price goes to the Content Creator, not mandatory to a streamer, and he is currently intended worldwide, not just for the US twitch.

2021 Dream is nominated for the price, and his year did not run super smoothly:

200,000 people see how the worlds most famous Minecraft creeper russet on Twitch

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