Aiki Yoshidas picture diary Babylons Fall We participated in the closed beta test 4 Action RPG that uses four weapons

The bow hunting is the practice of game searching by archery. Lots of indigenous individuals have actually used this technique as the major hunting method for hundreds of years as well as has actually endured up until its contemporary use for sporting activity and also hunting.

The game play picture diary is serialized and the most popular… Yes, the industry is going to be a student ( Im just drawing a picture of an old man).

Usually, we have taken the game of the release of the release, but you may be able to play the game before released in Tampa and participate in the closed beta test. At that time, the tension is up, and I feel like Im a husband when Im going to talk about the ○ thigh!

In fact, the game content can not speak due to the terms and conditions, and there are no other people who are proud….

…… This time, Software Unix and Platinum Software Software Software Babylons Fall) has participated in the closed beta test phase 3 of Babylons Fall.

This work is a warrior with superman capabilities, and a maximum of four players work together to capture a large tower, an online multiplayer action RPG.

Speaking of Square Enix and Platinum Games is Near Automata. Thats also a masterpiece, but this work is what you want to enjoy what kind of game experience can be enjoyed!

Mohicans forest people, Yeshiva Chiba!

In the character making, first, select from three races of marine people and mountain people and forest people. Special capabilities seem to be different for each tribe.

I chose the forest people and mullions. Despite the special abilities, I liked the visuals that Mohican looks good.

Choose from the prepared parts such as face type and hairstyle to create the forest people. Yoshiyoshi, there is also Mohican part!

Wild voices on the face type of the crisp facial expression. And it is finished with green Mohican, which is the image color of the forest people (I decided noted)!

Hmm… I said for forests, half-naked Udo Suzuki-like.

Hey, Dothan was a green hair color.

I moved to the port town when I finished making a character. Here is a stalling store, a bar, a quest board, and so on.

Is it another player who runs around or jumping in the center of the town?

Well NPC doesnt move like this. Such NPC……

A scary if you have.

Order your quest and search it!

Order a quest on the board installed in the town.

Tower of Babylon towards the search. Recommended power values ​​are set for each area, and I only started me. Take a challenge from this quest.

After ordering a quest, wait for other players. If anyone does not match anyone within the standby time, it will start quests, but this time we gathered four people.

The initial equipment of the forest people are four bottles. Other players are equipped with swords and canes. They will be everybody.

There are different power attacks, heavy tacks, and two ghost attack attacks, respectively. Also, a powerful charge attack is possible with a long press.

Continue to press each button to connect the combo.

The battle started when the field of the main road was advanced.

There are multiple battle areas in the field, and it is not possible to leave a certain number of enemies.

If you defeat the enemy, you will get items called money and Relic, in addition to the experience value.

Eric has a rare degree set, and it will be known if the appraisal after completion of the quest. Whether it is good equipment is fun after the quest is completed.

Drop items are careful if you have only the players you picked up, are you careful…. In this case, the drop item seems to be able to get all the players and relieved!

And if you get to the rest, its a boss battle.

Unlike AKO enemies that have appeared so far, it is a giant, but basically, the sense of size is good enough to fight with a bow away! Oh, boss dead…?

Thanks to the bosss Hate earning a bosss Hate, I just hit the bow from a bow. I didnt get a sense of accomplishment though I was the first boss killing….

After defeating the boss, press the Like button to praise other players!

And its a good item appraisal time for fun!

Unfortunately there was no bow rare equipment, but a good sword and a stuffed hammer with additional effects are given!

Four weapons that can be taken. Im troubled by the combination…!

After that, the party is challenged or challenged by solo, and it was challenged to the area of ​​more than the recommended power, and it was repeatedly for the quest.

However, since the equipment was fixed for each tribe, weapons other than the bow were almost selling. Rare guy…!

If you look at it, it will be equipped with all kinds of weapons immediately.

Light Attack has a cane, a bow with Haystack, and ghost attack equipped with a sword and a hammer!

Besides, the entire body is worn out of the body, and it has also changed from the people of the plain forest at the time of character making.

The bow has the advantage that you can attack safely from long distance, but damage is lower than other weapons. Therefore, solo time took a considerable amount of time by quest clear. As soon as it changed to hammer equipment, it becomes possible to damage 3 to 4 digits, and the quest has come to progress!

Trying various weapons and the most close weapon was a hammer. While checking from a long distance with a bow, the places that swing the hammer in the approach battle are familiar with me. Well, hammers were often used in the Mon than series.

It seems that there is no friendly fire in this work, so you can shake the weapons that you think!

Various ways to combine weapons. As I am, there were quite a lot of players who were the spindle of the attack on the hammer. Attack speed is slower hammers that have a slower damage.

The boss was bossed into a boss surrounded by a high heat of high-fire force……

Something like Mitsuki.

At first, there were many players using a hammer, but when the level is rising and rare equipment, I feel that the player of the archer was increasing, including myself. Since additional effects have been added to high rare equipment, it may have been such as the void of the level band.

It is a simple configuration that advances in the field and fights with the enemy, but among them, it is a fun to challenge with any equipment, or to change the weapon in any situation… it was fun to think about how to combine it!

If the fine bugs and inconvenient parts discovered in this closed beta test are improved, isnt it a good game?

The release date of Babylons Fall is undecided.

Profile of Yeshiva Temperature Profile : Mysterious uncle who continues writing picture diary of his own image for more than 20 years. In recent years, we have appeared as a popular cartoon mob character such as Cha-chas School Road (Katakana) and INRI JK Bahamas (At sushi Co., Ltd.), Tatami Sakai (Shogakukan), etc. Until now, the animation work has appeared three times. Why he seems to have appeared in the manga so much, and the manga artist who drawn also does not know well Yeshiva. Recently, I started a picture diary project that plays Sky Rim with two people, and I started Sky Rim Double-Marker Roll Play Trip. Here is a Twitter for the latest notification of the plan. Yeshiva Taiwan individuals Twitter is here.

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