Activision Blizzard More than 1 300 employees sign petition against Bobby Kotick

Activision Blizzard and above all the CEO Bobby Kick is currently no longer out of the negative headlines. After the big scandal for sexism and harassment, more and more direct allegations against Kick have come to daylight in the recent past. Even the employees now speak their mistrust completely open.

Online petition calls for resignation of Bobby Kick

The ABK Workers Alliance, which was founded in the frame of the sexism scandal, has recently launched a online petition. Every employee who signs there is open to bobby kick from his posts as managing director of Activision Blizzard or his resignation. In the explanation it says:

We have signed no longer trust in the management qualities Bobby Kicks as Managing Director of Activision Blizzard. The information about his behavior and practices in the leadership of our companies, which have now come to light, are in contradiction you of integrity we need from the lead. They are in direct conflict with the initiatives our colleagues have launched. We demand that Bobby Kick gives up his post as Managing Director of Activision Blizzard, and that it is allowed to share the shareholders to choose a new managing director without involving kick, which has a significant share of shareholders.

How many signatures does the petition already have?

At the current time have signed more than 1,300 employees the petition namely. As the overview reveals, these come from various developer studios, which operate under the roof of Activision Blizzard. These include Blizzard Entertainment, High Moon Studios, Demon ware, Raven Software, Trey arch and the Publishing Arm of Activision.

Source: Online Petition

Activision Under Fire | PlayStation, ABK Employees Demand Answers (VL577)

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