This game is an integral Whether you can withstand the pressure of mysterious games that appeared in the Expoge Expo 2021

Computer Game High School (abbreviated as GHS) is a funny website and RocketJump Studios action. He was written by Matthew Arnold, Will Area and Brian Firenze and also routed by Matthew Arnold, Brandon Latch and Freddie Wong. It is starring Josh Blaylock, Johanna Brady Jimmy Wong, Salary Porter field as well as Brian Firenze. It occurs in a training camp for future expert gamers. RocketJump Studios describes the series on just how to get the most effective friends, the puppy love and Headshot perfect. Considering that its launch in 2012, the collection obtained lots of fans of cult and also was seen greater than 150 million times on a number of on the internet systems such as YouTube, Hulu or Netflix.

Japan s largest voluntary production game event Digger Expo 2021 (hereinafter referred to as Hero Digger Expo). Last year, the new Coronavirus was rising, and it was held where a number of game events were held, and it was a slight sad feeling in the operation and response.

This year, this year, the event side is also well known to the event side, and the vaccine s inoculation was also successful, and there is also a new infected number of infected people. It can be said that he had a close activity close to the year.

Such Digger Expo is a bit different from other game events, and the probability that the mysterious game is cleared is also high. So this time, we will introduce the title that I saw in the Hiroshi Digger, which has been booming after a long time…… What is this game?.

Bird blasts the city! Aquarium to keep middle age! Dystopia close to comedy as long as

Four Legs Chicken Circle: Gold-Mt

A goat has moved into a city, or a newcomer has entered an open world where a deer destroys the car and the animal guns..

The main game play is that small chickens are somewhat wild chicken in some town, as there is also a small chicken. The chicken with a chicken to the human beings and chicken…… Anger and revenge to destroy the human society! Story is above.

But also the title is Hidden. It is clearly a city legend that 4-legs of chicken is used for fried chicken rumored to be a famous chicken franchise?

If you listen to the details of the Gargi-Mi-Mega (Circle name already fried chicken with oil, and if you think often, this is the side, this is ~ If you are destroying the city, you will be huge ~. Then 4 Feet and collect the title and explained it. Goat and deer were also a simulator and the black joke has passed!

Oyagirium 3 Circle: Hit Dickson

Aquarium… It is said that it is a hobby that is also called nature that is reared in indoor space. It is said that it will heal in an inorganic life, but it is also true that it is a hobby that needs a considerable budget and time to start.

At that time, it is good to simulate with a video game. However, if you can keep in the tank, it is not a beautiful tropical fish, but what should we do? It is a mobile game Oyagirium 3 that brings such puzzles.

Basically, Okapi is reproductive (breeding…?) And various types of flows are games that appear. However, I was afraid that I was trying to trace this work was a place where a water tank was placed.

I can see the state of the water tank with a touch operation, but when the camera s magnification is reduced, the area of ​​the water tank is gradually visible. There is a place like a fashionable café restaurant per representative of the Omotesando. The composition that the customer is familiar with the guests and the customer who is familiar with the manager of the store manager was familiar with the manager.

While the fashionable shop of the first place (imagination) offers a refreshing space, the middle-aged man is an eyebrow…… The cruel world of the movie Parasite Underground Room was there. May I have such a thing? Isn t it a distorter close to comedy as long as it is not possible! I was collecting the heading title now.

Such Oyagirium 3 is currently being delivered for iOS. I felt like the end of the game introduction, and I used to write downloaded to readers, so please forgive this time.

Sprinkle the youth of sports into the game

You re a Summer Circle: Pinene

It is an unexpected thing, but there are few pure sports games that have a pure sports game in an independent self-producing game event. Make a game like Dragon Quest and Dark Seoul of yourself! Even if there are many people, I will make live powerful professional baseball and Winning Eleven ! There are no people.

In that sense, Summer to you is rare as a self-producing game that draws high school baseball with a straight-down straight. While the game of baseball is expressed with a simple 3D graphic, the basics are auto and the game progresses, and the player is the main game play that the player instructs the player as a supervision.

However, looking at the booth well, the thoughtful high school baseball is placed as a panel. When I look forward to hearing from the developer, I said that I was looking forward to the annual Kosher by I like high school baseball..

In fact, I was from a baseball-to-base school, I tried to talk about my alma mater with a trial and taught me the situation of Signal and in recent years.. Voluntary production games need passion. I was convinced that I could not make things so far without crazy to high school baseball. Basically, I think it is a high school baseball watcher that is a professional game design that looks at the game.

The author was slightly yellow while watching the developer loving high school baseball glitter.

Everyone who has seen in real time in 3 years of high school, everyone is interesting if there is a great taste like Kiyomiya or the future OTAN Showed player, but there is no such thing. In reality there because many players that can not be a star, classmate of Diego like a look of staggered suffering to the limit of their ability reminded me be had a lot. There were many classmates that I quit on the way.

There are many people who find youth in high school baseball. However, I seem to have seen the shadows of the strong school before looking at the light of youth.

I tried to create a new game operation

LED Cube Game Circle: Kannada Electronics Research Laboratories

There is a game that does not meet if it is not a game event. The best thing is a game with special controllers and special terminals. Last year, when we did the interviews of only strange controllers, I thought that DL sales of the console and PC games have never met.

In that sense, the most impressive of the Digger Expressway was the LED cube game under development. The LED bulb is configured to draw a square as a title, and the controller was operated interactive to operate the light waveform of the LED light.

Besides, a simple game is implemented. It has become the content of catching the light of LED from above.

In the game of the Kannada Electrical Technology Research Institute, in recent years, in recent years, AGATHA using natural phenomena was impressed, so when we convey what I thought about producing these products, Rather, this is the main business. When I talked about the LED game called LINE WOBBLER, it seems that I have made this LED cube. From the special terminal game that encountered at game events, I saw a chain that made a special terminal game.

Machianlan-Langame to destroy everything with muscle Circle: Jedi

Muscle solves everything so why is it a while on the internet? Some of the sister s faith as a countermeasure to the modern society that takes off our spirit. I do not know where this flow remains.

Michigan shows such a solving all muscles faith (hereinafter referred to as the muscle whole resolution faith) to be brainwashed by gameplay. Basically, it is just a run game, and it is only to jump, but Jump operations are performed at the exercise bar to train the chest muscle.

Exercise bar starts from at least 30 kilometers. Normally, it is quite tightly written like this text at home, and it is quite tightly, and 1 clear clearness will be strict.

However, it was a gimmick in the screen to feel the muscle all resolved faith more than such an operation. Tightening the exercise bar and tighten the exercise bar, and the match or playable character jumps, If normal action is a normal action, the knife and guillotine and giro tin will be blown away by the body. This is Giro tin and no enemy because you trained your muscles and trained your muscles.

By the way, even smartphones are delivered free of charge, but of course, please be aware that the painlessness of the muscle all resolution faith is very weak in the tap operation. What is your note?.

Varying production, the end of the game s universe

Takanitomi s Three Country Dave (provisional) Circle: Weekend Unity Mokumoku Meeting

This title is actually all Chinese ( formally written in Simplified Chinese, but GAME SPARK does not use a simple character in China), and in recent Chinese, Somehow Japanese is used for the usual style but a particle. If it is Japanese, it seems to be a girl high school girl if it is Japanese.

When I heard such a title name, I think that Bib and Cao are reborn in high school girls in modern China and fight with bands or idol activities? However, it is painted in this work, but the population that appears in the modern China. Novel game based on the developer s Chinese journey, saying that high school girls are transformed into him.

Even so, there are several works that Morocco comes out of the modernity, such as the manga Paris pole, but isn t it interesting that it is not doing something like a warlord er. As seen in the case where Japanese of written at the beginning is used, the modern reincarnation of holes is also the influence of Japanese works? Please tell me this mystery. Moro Khaki……

Semio-A-Blackjack Circle: TXT.TXT

Well, let s tighten in the finals Such an independent production game exhibition is all there. When I was walking in the venue, there was a space that felt the momentum of the initial punk, which explains the display content and explaining the contents of the display on the copy paper as shown in the picture above.

Apparently, it is said that you are displaying a program that makes a blackjack with a semi-automatic manual. When I asked you to talk well, originally this exhibition was planned to play the program and play with the visitors.

So why saying that only the above-mentioned Twitter screen is displayed, The program uses WebAssembly, and if you think about it well, it will be confused, and it is easy to explain.. Since it did not notice before the exhibition…? When I returned, he said, No I noticed it yesterday..

Before your eyes -- A game that changes when you blink
Thus, There is no actual machine itself, and an unusual exhibition appears that only Twitter videos continue to display semi-automatic blackjacks. Hiroshi Digger is held, but the card was moving around at high speed only in the tablet…. As if expressing something like eternal.

Are you also interested in topics related to Game?

I found such mysterious games, and I was very healed by the author himself.

Recently, indie games are also widespread cases involved in their participation, and they have more volatile promo, just like a vital promo, etc. I think that it is becoming required from the level.

In that sense, Hiroshi Digger was still good to feel that the atmosphere of independent production has left. Of course, this event is also exhibiting a company, but it is certain that the mysterious game appearance rate that displays products will be high.

In the future, the more complete titles will be completed in the indie game event, but it was also felt that it was very important as the Hiroshi Diego itself was the precious event. Game events that have been exhibited only for end and blackjack videos and have an exhibition, and I think that there is no other way.

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