The Last Stand Aftermath Mutation Guide

The Last Stand: Consequences is a great comeback for one of the most popular flash games mid 2000. There are a lot of new systems in the game, including a system of mutation that rewards you for risks run but leaves you with more difficulty as you progress in the game. It can be a little difficult to understand this system, so we have prepared this The Last Stand: mutation Consequences guide to help you survive the zombie apocalypse.

The Last Stand: Consequences mutations Guide: What are mutations?

The system mutation in The Last Stand: Consequences is quite simple to understand. In the game, you control volunteers, survivors who are infected with a new virus and are left with limited lifetime. This is the reason why you re so incredibly willing to venture into dangerous areas, but it also means you re playing against the clock. As you scroll through the map and explore new areas, you will also notice that your maximum health is constantly reduced, even if it is not being hurt. If you are attacked by infectious enemies, your maximum health will decline even faster. You can use antiviral drugs to temporarily suspend it, but you may not want to.

As segments lose your health, you unlock mutations, powerful enhancements that can give you an advantage as you explore. Of course, you need to decide how you want those updates, since each unblock mean another segment of health loss that can never be recovered. This also means you should be very careful about the choice you are taking, since it must compensate for the loss of health.

The Last Stand: Aftermath Mutation Guide — List of mutations

Here is a list of the mutations we have found so far in the game, and recommendations on when you choose them.


Inline + 10% damage when you have a 30% health or menus.

Cornered is useful if you like to live dangerously, and could potentially help you if you re in a hurry. However, chances are you feel like not stay at 30% too often, so only choose this option if there is not much more you can choose from.


Reciter damage restores 20% of resistance

It is best for people who can not use the role to dodge so well, but often are fleeing enemies. Probably only worth taking it if you already have a high resistance to damage.

Tunnel Vision

\ + 50% damage rigid

Ideal if you like taking pictures from a distance. Especially useful if your career started with a class that has the hunting rifle or has found a long-range weapon or an improvement since it began.


\ + 40% resistance body Puerto

This is a great choice from the beginning, because the melee damage is the primary damage which you LIDARs during the first hours of the game outside the occasional infectious enemy.


The enemies that attack you may receive the status effect hangar.

This is a great choice if you already have some resistance to the accumulated damage. However, in most cases, if possible, you want to avoid injury altogether.

Nerve broken

-99% Damage Flinch

Again, fine for characters with high strength, but you really should focus more on skills that will help prevent damage completely. It could be a good choice if you picked up an assault weapon, and you have plenty of ammunition available.

Stone skin

\ + 25% damage unarmed
\ + 25% damage body Puerto

A large full mutation that can help you survive the initial game much easier. Not only reduces incoming damage, but you can generate more damage with only your fists, saving ammunition and durability in good melee weapons when you eliminate zombies one by one.


\ + 25% gain XP

Synapse is a great change to take as soon as possible in your career, especially if you re in a deadly race to acquire knowledge. For all we know, this increases the intake of knowledge from all sources, including objects found throughout the world.

Fresh blood

\ + 10% damage against enemies not dynamos

This mutation is best taken if you are using a weapon that causes a lot of damage in one fell swoop. With automatic weapons, this is almost useless. Perfect if you re fighting enemies with a single shot guns silenced or the like.


\ + 50% damage melee
-25% speed Movement

This is complicated to understand. While the increase in damage is substantial, the decrease in speed of movement can be fatal if you have a horde behind. It could be worth taking it if you have a body-to-body weapon with a broad arc, or if you are already compensating the decrease in the speed of movement in some way.


Re plaza your dodder with a loading movement that damages the enemies.

This is simply fun. If you do not use the movement of dodging so often, it may be worthwhile to take this only by pure joy.

Take advantage of the weak

Inf legate +10 damage to enemies with less than 30% remaining life.

It is not one of the first level options. If you are reducing enemies to less than 30% health constantly, it is likely that you can end them without problems. It is really just worth it for the specific case that you are loaded with explosives and not much more, since the increase of damage can help you weaken enemies with pumps first and then end them with a body to body or pistols later. Avoid it if there are better benefits of damage in your group of mutations.


The Returns Maximum Health.

This is a mutation that is worthwhile to take only when you are on the verge of death, and you do not have healing elements. It does not make your maximum health go back, just restore what you have, so at the end of the game it is worth less. As it does not add any benefit, it is only worthwhile to take it in case of emergency.


Possibility to cause bleeding when attacks.

Basically, a strictly better version of spines, since it gives you the same possibility of a state effect that inflicts damage, but without the need to receive damage in return. It is worth taking it if you are a heavy body to body.

Taste by blood

Inline additional damage against bleeding enemies

If you already have Jagged (or thorns for some reason), then it can be worth taking this, although it does not mention how much additional inflicting damage, this may be better than other collections, since the damage bonus applies to both body to body and At remote attacks.

Resistant force

Enemies that attack you can receive the stunned state effect.

Like spines, it s just worthwhile to take them if you already have a high resistance to damage.


One a 1% of a return health with each stroke of gun body to body

The Last Stand Aftermath - Zombie Apocalypse Scavenging Roguelite RPG

If you are a heavy body to body or have a body-to-body gun with fast attack speeds, it may be worth taking this.

Heavy lifting

  • 50% load capacity

This is a great choice, especially a bit in a race. It means that it can take many more things with you, which means that it is more likely to have the supplies you will need by hand when you need them, and you will not have to stop to throw so many things.

We will continue to add new mutations as we find them. Refer to the future again for more updates.

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