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On October 6, a Leak was released, which showed the revenue of the Twitch Streamer. Twitch stars like QC, the German Montana black or the controversy Amaranth earned millions of euros. But how much do normal Twitch Streamer 2021 earn on the platform? How many of the streamers earn so much that they can live good ?

W AS are that for numbers? On October 6, a big leak showed the guts of Twitch, and the merits of the streamer. The media reports focused on a few tweets of a user who showed the top earners on Twitch.

Casually Explained: Twitch Streamers

These were high sums and so many was scared then how much money is there. Especially since the leak shows only part of the revenue and did not perform earners from sponsor deals or exclusive contracts.

The Wall Street Journal has looked at all numbers exactly and came to amazing results: they have analyzed the revenue of almost 4.9 million accounts. Nearly 900,000 accounts were excluded from the evaluation because it either did not earn any money or even lost money between July 2019 and September 2021.

As strongly gaps the scissors between arm and rich on Twitch apart

These numbers are remarkable:

In 2021, a total of 889 million US dollars were distributed until September:
75% of all streamer earned 2021 so far less than $120
50% of all streamers took less than $28 — Twitch pays off only from $100.

Inequality on Twitch goes so far that the top 1% of the Streamer earn $529 million.
The other 99% getting 360 million US dollars.

We have dealt with the leak in a podcast on Mango:

Only 0.06% can live good from Twitch Stream

How many can live out of the stream on Two chews? The Wall Street Journal has calculated that only 0.06% of the Twitch Streamer reaches an income of more than $67,521. This is taken as a media income of a US household. So that would be enough to live good and feed a family.

The median income of a US budget meets about the average gross income of a German private household. The 2018 at €58.152, converted 66,068 US dollars (via BNP.DE).

The 0.06% mean that only 6 streamers can live well from their stream under 10,000. For the rest, streaming is rather a hobby, an additional income or perhaps a dream of working as a self-contained content creator that does not meet.

In fact, this shows that the numbers of top earners do not reflect the image of the alderman users:

Streamer explains after a big Twitch Leak: 90% of the streamers deserve less than their thinking

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