New World Amazon clear doubts about server transfers and mergers

In the monthly publication of known errors in November, New World s development teams provide much more information about servers. We already know more about the progress of work for the transfer of region, on the status of the transfers of characters, but also on server mergers.

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The status of Character Transfers in New World

Currently, developers have a great problem: The inability of some players to use free transfer token. In fact, even if many people could change server without problems, it could not be the same case for all. There are a lot of players who could not redeem their transfer sheet due to Ghost Contracts in the Auction House. Since the developers promise was to allow everyone to transfer their character at least once for free, they are working on this aspect so that there are no more concerns.

That job seems to be leaking, since a recent change of service should have unlocked all players who would have this problem with invisible contracts. Developers apologize once again for complications with this Character Transfer System and have commented who have learned from their mistakes and that the reallocation of transfers will be possible before the end of the year. However, if the schedule lengthens or shortened, a press release will be published to warn the players.

Where is the region transfer in New World?

As we could comment several weeks ago, developers are working on a tool: region transfers. After a bad communication, on the other hand, some European players hurried to attend US servers and vice versa. Seeing that the current transfer system would not allow your characters to be transferred to another region, rabies increased rapidly.

To regulate this terrible error, The developers are working to enter this new tool and ask for the help of the players for those who are in case they want to join the European servers while they are on US servers for example. When you click on this link, you will take you to a page of the Specialized Region Transfer and you must register your expectations by answering the questions asked by the Alexandra Community Administrator. Before deployment of this tool, it is obvious that tests will be carried out to see the vulnerabilities of duplication.

Are server mergers foreseen?

With 485 servers, it is logical that there will be a merger despite the decrease of players in the game. The developers confirm that a merger of servers is on the way, but in reality it is not like that.

New World s development teams explain that First they must prove their technology so that no problem arises when the servers merge. It is a great event and losses could be great and have already tried to merge the servers during beta, but the result was not conclusive. Fortunately, they could identify the various problems to correct them internally, but the tests are still necessary.

All who will face the merger of servers will be notified in advance and guaranteed that they will not lose anything if an error occurs. The only losses will be the territories: In summary, if the NASA server merges with Baku, players with NASA territories will no longer be owners, because they will be Baku who will house these players. Companies that have lost territories will be compensated with 50,000 gold, which is equivalent to 3 times the cost of a war. If the merger of servers is not for players, it would be necessary to bear in mind that developers will not offer a transfer token. However, there is still nothing written, so this idea can change.

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