Dark Phoenix From X

If you ve ever shed in a round of Fortnite right at the end and really feel the need to scream as well as implode right into fire, great information: there s a skin currently offered in Fortnite for you.

Fortnite DARK PHOENIX Gameplay & Review (X-Men x Fortnite - Should You Buy The Dark Phoenix Skin?)
It s the Dark Phoenix skin, and also X-Men followers will certainly identify her as the Phoenix seen throughout the Dark Phoenix Saga, a run of comics that ran in 1980. You may additionally recognize Dark Phoenix from the 2019 X-Men flick of the exact same name. Regardless, if you re a fan of the much more eruptive variant of Jean Grey, this skin is for you.

As you can see in the tweet over, the skin as well as coming with items are currently available for acquisition in the Fortnite Product Shop. Her set features the attire, the Phoenix Force back bling, as well as the Increasing Phoenix Emote. You ll also get the Rage of the Phoenix Loading Screen with the set as well, according to Legendary Gaming.

Dark Phoenix joins various other skins recently contributed to Fortnite such as Jinx from League of Legends, which stands for the very first time a League of Legends personality has appeared in a non-Riot franchise business, as well as Naruto, although this was a collaboration tease, and we re still in the dark concerning what s really coming from the Shipped collection. Be sure to take a look at list of all the Wonder and also Dc superheroes as well as super villains in Fortnite after that.

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