FC Bayern Karl Heinz Rummenigge mixes in Qatar

The former CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge responded to the fan protests against the partnership of Bavaria with the Emirate Qatar.

Bayern Munich has a partnership with Qatar Airways, and I ve never been a Pharisee, if I may say that. We got good money from this contract, said Rummenigge in an interview of the WAR.

At the Bundesliga top game between FC Bayern and the Sc Freiburg, Munich football fans had protested with a poster on 6 November. Qatar has been accused of human rights violations for years, according to media reports since the award of the football World Cup 2022 to the Emirate has died more than 6,500 migrants. We wash everything for money, said, among other things, on a great transparent.

The Bavaria fans protest for a long time. In the host country of the World Cup 2022, the Munich professionals regularly complete their training camp in winter. In addition, the Atari airline Qatar Airways has been a great sponsor of Bayern for several years.

Karl-Rummenigge praises improvements in Qatar

In principle, it must also say that in Qatar from all Arab states at the moment the best or the greatest improvements are there in terms of human and labor rights. That the no comparable standard with Germany or Europe, that is known, said Rummenigge.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge • The Red Baron (Rare Footage)

He is fundamentally optimistic that the human and labor rights in these countries, especially in Qatar, will already improve by football.

For Rummenigge, the main argument of cooperation with Qatar is international competitiveness.

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