Twitch now has a new category that you have been waiting for a long time

Watch cats as they play? Wolves in the wild? Or night vision devices in the rainforest? Twitch has a new category that will love animal fans among you.

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Soon there is nothing left on Twitch, which does not exist – and in this case that s a good thing: because now Twitch has a new category that all streams to animals, zoos and aquariums summarized. If the sweet cat pictures are not enough for Instagram or the videos on Tiktok, you can watch cats and all sorts of other animals around the clock.

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With the new Twitch category Animals, aquariums and Zoos combines the streaming platform all animal streams under a heading. These are not only streams of animal rescue organizations, but also zoo streams and streams of private individuals who show their pets on Twitch live. See wolves in New York and at the same time learns something about the beautiful animals, observed underwater creatures at Montereyaq or looks at a catmama with their babies at CuteAValanche.

The new animal category at Twitch was created on behalf of the recently taken Animal Week. In addition, Twitch explains that it should also give interactive animal streams in which you can interact with the animals via donations. An example would be about the cat stream of Kittenclubhouse, where you can drop a ball into the cat house via bits. Anyway, one thing is certain: relaxing streams is probably nowhere else.

Animal streams already existed before, but now they are all at least in one place to find. Something that could have happened sooner. If you have not seen any animal streams, we recommend you to see you once: after all, not only 24/7 cameras, but also informative streams around all sorts of animal species.

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