The Heroes Around Me a nostalgic Chinese game on the dedication of a father

The Chinese independent studio Okjoy unveiled The Heroes Around Me, a narrative game with pixels full of tenderness telling the daily life of a father seeking to give his sick daughter the happiest child as possible.

The Curious Story of China's Indie Gaming Scene

The author of the game seeks here to transcriber the nostalgia that he has from his own childhood spent in China in the 90s. Everything in the artistic direction of this short story is made to evoke this period, to believe the author However, which does not count only to Jiang Zemin s children since the game will also be available in English on Steam. Like the trailer, the harmonica will be in the center of the musical direction supposed to promote a nostalgic atmosphere. On the side of the narration, the description speaks of concise dialogues, emotions that grow slowly and a certain concern for detail in environmental narration. The Heroes Around Me has no release date yet but is announced for soon on his Steam page.


The Heroes Around Me – Trailer

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