PS5 Xbox Series and the GPU will continue to suffer the shortage of semiconductors until 2023 according to Intel

shortage of semiconductors is a problem that we have already been suffering for a long time, a situation that aggravated by the global health crisis, has led us to a atroldero that companies are trying to leave, but the date for Retrieve normality seems diffuse. NVIDIA It has been one of the companies that pronounced this summer, with a scarcity forecast for all 2022.

Phil Spencer shared this same forecast, although he also talked about multiple bottlenecks in addition to his own shortage of semiconductors. Toshiba also pronounced on the problem and spoke of frustration, with an estimated scarcity forecast Up to 2023 , however, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, was more optimistic, betting because the lack of chip would continue during the first Half of 2022, although alleviating in the second half of the year .

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There is not going to be a balance between offer and demand up to 2023 Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel On this occasion, the Intel Technological Giant has been the one who has shared its forecasts for the CNBC, and they are not too flattering. Intel shares have fallen more than 8% due to a negative sales report, which the company has related to components shortage problems in the industry.

The CEO of Intel , Pat Gelsinger, has spoken about a high demand that collides with a shortage of semiconductors that will not end up to 2023. We are at the worst moment , every quarter of next year we will gradually improve, But there is not going to be a balance between offer and demand up to 2023, concluded Gelsinger. The dramatic situation has led companies to start reserves websites for future Christmas shopping.

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