Poor Devil HBO Max announces his first Spanish series of adult animation with Joaqu n Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla

HBO MAX , together with the WarnerMedia agreement with Adult SWIM , is one of the houses of the adult animation series.

Success like Rick and Morty claim that title for the platform, although other services like Netflix have series like Bojack Horseman.

Therefore, HBO Max, who arrives tomorrow to Spain, wants to reinforce his catalog of content with new series of gender, and one of them comes with a Spanish firm.

During his presentation for the press this morning, HBO Max has announced his first adult animation series: Poor Devil .

Created and written by Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla , and with the collaboration of Helena Pozuelo in script matters, poor devil will count on eight episodes of more than twenty minutes .

The plot focuses on Stan , a kid of the most normal except for an unimportant detail: He is the Antichrist, and currently 665 months.

When he reaches his 666 month, Stan must comply with the family prophecy and untie the Armageddon on Earth. The problem? That he does not interest him at all.

Stans is a normal kid except for the fact that it is the Antichrist and his dream is to sing and dance in a Broadway musical. Pobredial, the new series of animation created and written by Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla will be released EN 2022 in HBomax. pic.twitter.com/w3ccu3mq65.

  • HBO Max Spain (@hbomaxes) October 25, 2021

Stan s interest (kings) actually resides in participating in a Broadway musical, singing and dancing, instead of continuing with the family business .

For the part of him, Ernesto Sevilla plays Mephisto , no, that of Marvel no, but a vivor cat who is addicted to any drug that is put up ahead … and those who do not do, too.

The distribution of voices complete it Ignatius Farray , like Satan; Gakian , like Samael and Veronica Forqué as Rose, among others.

Poor Devil will reach HBO Max at some point of 2022 . This production of Buendía Studios will feature the animation of the Granadino Study Rockyn Animation .

What do you think about the premise of poor devil? Will there be a reef of animation series for adults with Spanish aroma for exploring in HBO Max?

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