The most important debate in 3D Games The duration of the games divides readers

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We like debates among users and so it has been. The last delivery of the section of the readers think has been dated with a wide division, and with very varied arguments. Thus, in 3D games a week ago we asked about what you prefer, if long or short games, victorious the first option for very little.

Everything has to be, as long as Rambla is well done Specifically, 52% of those who have responded to the survey choose to opt for the most durable proposed market, while 48% respond by opting for experiences Shorter and concentrated. As usual, Among the answers of the users resonated a depends , because there is time for everything. Everything has to be, Whenever it is well done . If they are short, try to be rejugable , complexes or with alternative endings, Easter Eggs or things like that; if they are long, that the length of the Game be avena. Different options, all suitable if they run correctly, explains Rambla.

Going now to the white or black , the debate has been taken by not a few readers to the personal case, in one another. Thus, there are those who have taken the survey from an economic point of view, of since you pay, better than last as Yosoylou says. Feeling it a lot, I do not compensate for me to buy a game at more than 70 euros if it then happens scarcely 10 hours, Scrambler added.

That individual context can also be of time, something that we grow up and we are entering into the work world and responsibilities at home can be squared. Games in which I could previously lose myself for hours today they give me a horrible laziness because, as much, I only have time to play an hour and not even every day, Personal Rodrigolllu said.

Best short and well done, that long artificially AVT-95 already entering other assessments, confusion has its preference for the most concentrated and less repetitive experiences in the forum. Current games, especially Sandbox, exaggerate their duration based on seasonal, collection, farmer or level uploads. Better short and well done, that Long artificially To get hours doing mundane things, added AVT-95 in this regard.

Only several answers from about 200 published comments, which we invite you to consult to go with a much more expanding look at this debate. Meanwhile, we also leave you with a special video with the 13 longest games in the past year and another with 20 rolk adventures in which you lose a long season. And if you are looking for the opposite, here are 20 very short games ideal to stop on an afternoon.

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