Magdeburg and the Matchgl ck

When the SC Magdeburg on Sunday (2 pm) receives the SG Flensburg-Handewitt, the team of the hour plays against a difficult-to-hit opponent. The Flensburgs have already collected three minus points in the championship, waiting in the Champions League after four games still on the first victory and excreted from the DHB Cup.

Magdeburg, on the other hand, has been in top form for weeks. The SCM has extracted his previous ten compulsory matches without exception and most recently secured with the IHF Super Globe – the Club World Cup – even the first seasonal title. So the starting position is clear: Magdeburg starts differently than in the recent past as a favorite in the top game against the runner-up. What distinguishes this SCM from that in the preseason, the protagonists can not namely name.

The narrow games for themselves decided

There is nothing different, only the result is another, says coach Bennet weighed. I d like to have eaten the wisdom with spoons and could now say that and that we did differently – we have just come out of the birds. The SCM might have had the match happiness on his side, but has been working continuously for six years.

Captain Christian O Sullivan also sees the differences mainly in the results: We have decided the narrow games for us, that did not succeed in the previous year. Since we have either won high or felt lost with a goal. Cleverer have become the Magdeburg.

With the viewers, the home advantage is back

Some are both that the viewers play an important role. Playing here with or without fans is a huge difference, says O Sullivan. Trainer Weighert is convinced that we were deprived of one of our greatest strengths last year – this hall, this home advantage. This hall can of course wear us.

On Sunday, the hall will be sold out for the first time in the season, the Coronabeding maximum of 5000 spectators are exhausted. Respect in front of the struck Flensburgers, of course, the SCM coach has, even if the opponent is in the crisis.

Wieged over Flensburg: Shot animals are most dangerous

Sure, they have problems, but not a playful way, but with injuries – but shot animals are most dangerous. Anyway, Flensburg will not arrive in Magdeburg, lift hands and say we give us . Captain O Sullivan is convinced that Flensburg is a very, very good team , even if they lost a few games this year, when we are used to.

The Magdeburg virgin rock deserves with a narrow, hard game in which it may be already goes to goals to have two teams that have the same goals . Which goals that are, the 39-year-old can not be elicited: I will not formulate that because that of my team would not help. But it is also clear that the SCM has focused on top three third places in the championship and wants to go to the Champions League. A win against Flensburg could do that.

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