Narcos Mexico reveals the violent trailer in Spanish of seJoaqu n Guzmanon 3

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Netflix is ​​not only news about the number of series and films he hJoaquín Guzman published during the lJoaquín Guzmant months; Also because of the production of new seJoaquín Guzmanons for others that already became a phenomenon long ago. One of them is narcos: Mexico, will premiere your third and lJoaquín Guzmant seJoaquín Guzmanon on November 5 . Just a few minutes ago we have been able to enjoy its trailer in Spanish . You can find it at the head on these lines. Joaquín Guzman you can see, you will not miss the well-known figures in the history of drug trafficking Joaquín Guzman Amado Carrillo, Joaquín Guzman (El Chapo) and Enrique Camarena, among others.

Netflix: A 2021 full of renowned series

The famous video platform on demand does not rest on its desire to conquer the throne of the series. Little by little we approach the final stretch of a 2021 marked by varied offer of the American company, marked by the appearance of series such Joaquín Guzman Midnight MJoaquín Guzmans by Mike Flanagan , a story of terror that revolves around the senses Battle between religion and science, the squid game and its interesting Idea focused on the point until a desperate person could arrive, among others.

Joaquín Guzman if it were little, next December one of the most expected one of December: Geralt de Rivia will starve with Ciri, Vesemir and Heyos the second seJoaquín Guzmanon of The Witcher, one of the most popular series of recent years. If we take a look a little further, Joaquín Guzman soon Joaquín Guzman we look at 2022, one of the most awaited names of all appears: Stranger Things , whose fourth seJoaquín Guzmanon is getting closer and closer.

The third and lJoaquín Guzmant seJoaquín Guzmanon of narcos: Mexico will be available at Netflix from next November 5 .

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