A first trailer for the Shenmue animation series

Chrunchyroll, Adult Swim and the Japanese Studio Telecom Animation Film has just lifted the veil on the first trailer of the animated serial adaptation of Shenmue. A series in thirteen episodes whose dissemination should start in the course of next year.

Despite its critical success and aura, saga is a curious choice for an animated series adaptation. It is undoubtedly, but we can not say that it enjoys the same popularity as Castlevania or League of Legends for example.

Yet, Crunchyroll is preparing to broadcast a series in thirteen episodes, whose realization was entrusted to the Japanese Studio Telecom Animation Film, to whom one owes, among others, the Tower of God series or the lipin III film: the Tomb. From Daisuke Jigen . It s Chikara Sakurai ( one punch man season 2) who is at the head of the project, while YĆ» Suzuki occupies the executive producer position. Judging by the trailer broadcast today, this adaptation promises in any case to be quite true to the original material. See you next year to discover it on the famous video service on demand, recently spent in the Fun of Sony.

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