Turkey coach Kuntz and the small plant of hope

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On the day after the 1: 1 draw against Norway, Turkish media wrote from a great opportunity that had been missed, and a German vaccine that did not work.

Kuntz analyzed his debut in which his team had quickly gone in the leadership (6th) and collected the compensation by Thorstvedt (41th) just before the break, something sober: his team was well started, so the coach, but with He has noticed the uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. Overall, we have to be satisfied with a just draw.

In the evaluation of his debut for the Turkish national team, Kuntz differences between the result and performance of his protégés: I told my players before the game, that I am satisfied when they give everything they have in them – in the body , in the heart and head. That made his team out of his view.

But: We are a little bit disappointed. We would have liked to give the fans a victory today to grow faster to this plant faster. That s a bit small now, said Kuntz at the press conference after the game.

From our own strength, the qualification for Kuntz is no longer available

The hope of achieving the World Cup finals in Qatar is now also associated with the hope of a slip-up of the Norwegian: Three Games Before the end of the qualification phase, the Scandinavians are two points in front of Turkey in second place, which in place in the play Offs authorized.

For the chance of a World Cup ticket, the team of Kuntz also wants to lie down a point of puncture of qualifications: if the door to qualify again, you have to stand up, Kuntz said. His team must compete against Gibraltar and Montenegro on Monday (20.45) in Latvia and in November.

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