A UK regulator forces Twitch and more platforms to take measures to improve their content

A great variety of content, added to the popularity of a platform, involve a huge responsibility for society. Twitch, throughout its existence, has been housing all kinds of streamers, from those who simply share their experience with videogames and even some who are dedicated to send hate messages to vulnerable groups. And, with an increasingly fed up of the situation, now Twitch and other platforms will be forced to adopt more forceful measures to clean up their unwanted content ecosystem.

Twitch and other platforms could face definitive fines or suspensions This has claimed the English Regulator ofcomcom both Twitch and other platforms such as Tiktok, Vimeo or Snapchat, something we have been able to know through the BBC. In short, it is expected that such applications are put on their hands to work for stop incitement content, sexual abuse or racism . In about 18 months, the company will write a report where it will analyze the actions carried out by each of the cited platforms, and if the results do not reach the expected levels, each application could face fines or, even, definitive suspensions .

Online videos have an important role in our CEO lives of OFCOM since, according to the CEO of OFCOM, online videos have an important role in our lives , particularly for children. But Many people see hatred, violence or inappropriate material while they use them . What, therefore, leads to the responsibility of each platform around its content is multiply.

Therefore, OFCOM has led to the field of compulsory all complaints from twitch users, who have been denouncing inappropriate content on the platform. To combat this kind of hate messages, the platform has already taken some measures as a verified chat to ensure less toxic community.

However, you have also taken advantage to include a new functionality with which you can promote streamers paying real money , which has generated a wave of complaints. In spite of everything, Twitch right now is dealing with a massive hack that has revealed both own data and users, which is placed as one of the biggest attacks to the application.

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