NEW WORLD Jeff Bezos is looking forward to the success of the MMOs after numerous setbacks

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New World, the new MMO from Amazon has been finally available for several days. There are some problems with pretty long queues, but New World is definitely a success. Shortly after publication, the title was 1st at Steam and has been holding WACKER in the top 10, currently just behind Counter-Strike: Global offensive.

Amazon Game Studios leaves a number of failures behind New World (now € 39.99), which is why the developers are probably pretty much about the success of their new title. But no one is looking forward to the founder and Executive Chariman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. He shared his enthusiasm on Twitter s success of New World:

After many failures and setbacks in the gaming area, we have a success. I am so proud of the team for their perseverance. Consider the setbacks as helpful obstacles that promote learning. Whatever your goals are not up, do not give up No matter how hard it will.

Bebos definitely has right with his statement about failures and setbacks. Amazon set the Moba Breakway and a MMO to Lord of the Rings, and struggled for a long time with the Hero shooter Crucible before she sent it to the cemetery.

For the developers, it is certainly a good feeling to finally achieve success, but the development of the MMOS did not go without problems. New World was moved four times and went through various phases in his development. Originally, New World should become a full-loot PVP-MMO, but there are very few people who actually want to play a full-loot PVP-MMO. Therefore, they textured the complete game, PVP made optional and added a main and numerous side quests.

In addition, there were reports during one of the beta tests that the MMO destroyed high-end graphics cards. After the launch, the problem has probably returned again and some players on Reddit report on bordered RTX-3090 cards.

Nevertheless, players have visibly fun with the title and New World has even replaced Valheim as the most popular game of the year 2021 on Steam. As the future of the title will look like is definitely uncertain, but if the developers continue to work so passionately at New World, MMO may even measure with giants such as Final Fantasy in a few years. Maybe Jeff Bezos will then afford another flight to all, paid by the skins from New World.

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