Stuffed HFC demands Ligaprimus Magdeburg Hyballa

  1. FC Magdeburg is a German association football club based in the city of Magdeburg. The club was founded in 1965 and also spent almost one period in East Germany top flight, the DDR-Oberliga, winning three champions and also seven mug titles. It is the only Eastern German club to have actually won a European title, winning the European Cup Victors Mug in 1974. After German reunification, the club fell on tough times as well as just went into expert football in 2015 when the side was promoted to the 3. Liga.

The one personally baked, the others with a defeat in the luggage: the Hallesche FC receives on Friday evening for the kick-off of the 10th Round Table Guide Magdeburg. Ten failures, most recently the cruciate ligament tear from Duke \ – The HFC operates cause research: We turn each stone and put everything next to each other, says sport director Ralf Minge. For a long time it remains time, after four victorious games (0/3/1) Halle is demanded against the FCM. The Titz-Eleven went after three victories in a row against the hitherto still victorious Würzburg – and makes for reparation.

Does the FCK find an antidote against pretty variable Osnabrücker?

Kaiserslautern has caught himself, the long-awaited first away win should follow the second home win on Saturday . On two threesome in a row, the FCC has been waiting since December 2019. And with Osnabrück comes an opponent who recently convinced and 13 meters from five games took. We press extremely high, we never want to wait, but always act, VfL-Routinier Heider sees the secret of success. Does the FCC find an antidote? He does not believe that, after all, the purple-white fairly variable .

Home right in the relegation battle – Löwen at Verl on the test bench

Viktoria Cologne (5 points, against Duisburg), Würzburg (7, against Wiesbaden) and Meppen (11, against Saarbrücken) have home rights to drive the threesome needed in the relegation battle. 1860 Munich (11 points) must be after Verl (12), a trend-setting game – especially for the ambitious lions. Does coach Michael Köllner uplift the system?

Braunschweig was able to kidnap three points from Freiburg on Wednesday evening, a victory of the will , as scorer explained Krauße. Does Eintracht against the Dome Mannheimer (both 15) in the pursuit duel

HYBALLA debut on the Turkish cu trainer bench against ex-club BVB

Three victories, three draws, three defeats – which, however, from the last four games. Turkhücü has then separated from Petr Ruman, Peter Hyballa is to return the Munich to the track track. Will Sunday with the debut against ex-club Dortmund, for which he was responsible for the U 19 from 2007 to 2010, the trend turnaround? At BVB II, the use of the prevailing defenseman Finnsson is questionable (knee problems).

Zwickau can equalize with a victory against Freiburg II with the Breisgauer and leave the relegation place.

Upgrading duel in Berlin at the end of the 10th game day

The 10th matchday is completed on Monday night with the newcomer duel between Viktoria Berlin and TSV Havelse. The Viktoria most recently missed by a defeat against co-headers Freiburg II (0: 2) The jump to the top of the table, Havelse celebrated the first third-league victory at the 1-0 against Viktoria Cologne at all.

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