Xbox Leak Releas0 of 300 lost games

A project for archiving video games has a total of 349 Xbox games in a huge Leak – including numerous unpublished games as well as exciting prototypes and tech demos.

The Hidden Palace is an online community dedicated to the preservation of video games. In this role, the members try to preserve game rarities before forgetting and publish older projects for downloading emulator fans. These projects range from unfinished designs through special developer builds to almost fully fully and unpublished games. Now with 349 games a huge charge of projects for the original Xbox released.

Project Deluge: 349 Xbox Games Releasable

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The latest Leak of The Hidden Palace is the name Project Deluge (Project Flood) and includes 349 games prototypes for the original Xbox and 135 games prototypes for the Dreamcast Sega. The Xbox highlights include early builds of psychonauts, Jet Set Radio Future and Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller.

Of course, the focus of games archive archars, but of course, on the previously completely unpublished games should be. In this category, the Leak offers the tagged Xbox version of PAC-Man: World Rally, an English-language version of Japan-Exclusive Game Dinosaur Hunting: Uzhinawwarea Daichi and the project prototypes of The Vatz, The Red Star and US Open 2003 . (Source: The Hidden Palace)

The Hidden Palace: Archive for Gelacted Games

The lactic builds and prototypes can be downloaded and try on the website of The Hidden Palace from experienced emulator users . Thus, gambers can experience unpublished raw diamonds with interest in the gaming history as well as exciting games of the era in their early stages.

Im video we show you which games games in September:

Incidentally, the Xbox or Dreamcast Leak was not the first exclamation mark by Project Deluge: Already in March and April 2021, the community of the Hidden Palace prototypes of the original PlayStation, Sega Saturn and the PlayStation 2 released.

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