China attacks Unmemnomic games will soon be history

China’s policy remains hard-known in terms of video games. After Chinese gaming fans are only allowed to play online games at certain times, there is now another ban. Currently it’s the unmistakable playing on the collar.

China: Family and money worship in games are now taboo

The Chinese government always cares with its setting video games for controversy. So came into force on 1 September a law that persists people at the age of 18 years on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays each hour online gaming. All servers are taboo for the rest of the week.

The law should counteract the growing gambling addiction in China. But that was only the beginning – now the authorities also go against soft men in the media. So many content in the Chinese television program have already been collected to meet the government’s ideological standards.

The video games are also on the collar. Here the government has obscene and violent content as well as unhealthy tendencies such as money supply and feminine the fight. What exactly this means for the Chinese gaming market is not yet fully clarified. (Source:

Tencent and Netease – Two Chinese Gaming Giants threatened?

Regulations concern especially the gaming companies resident in China. One of the largest companies is Tencent, the shares in Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Hold Paradox Interactive and many other studios.

Riot Games – The Studio Behind the Moba Hit League of Legends – belongs to the gaming giant even complete. And that could be fatal now. In LOL, for example, the playable character Varus outtified as gay.


League of Legends character is outside

Marcel-André angry

Meanwhile, in many games LGBTQ + characters are represented, all of which could be affected by the new law. For some studios, this could mean that own game versions have to be created for the Chinese market. Or they just do not appear in China – which may mean large financial losses for the respective developer studio.

Gaming prohibitions in China – what does that mean for you?

Since companies like Tencent have a huge market power, the European market could also be affected by this law. If a video game is produced in China, taking into account the new laws, maybe the European version of this game would have to do without LGBTQ + characters. For some games this would be a true loss.

For example, there is Life’s Strange without the LGBTQ theme. The game would be a completely different. The studio behind Life is Strange – Dontnod Entertainment – belongs to 23 percent Tencent. And the gaming giant could be interested in producing suitable games for the Chinese market.

Thus, it would be possible that the development of games with queer contents is made more difficult to meet the requirements of the huge Chinese market. To what extent we actually feel the effects of the new gaming laws remains to be seen.

After a drastic limitation of online seasons for children and adolescents under the age of 18, China now says the unmistakable content in film, television and video games. With the announcement, the Chinese authorities worldwide caused a lot of sensational worldwide. To what extent the prohibition will affect the European market must show.

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