Among us the fighting game is now one thing that exists

Among us turned out to be a particularly popular social deduction game, the kind of thing that rewards a long-term language and planning. It is therefore quite natural that a game created by fans, Among US Arena, draws in these same skills – with a quick combat game that rewards fast entrances and … Wait, what?

Yes, Among US is not your usual game. His artistic style is hard to hate, and the gameplay loop allows exciting videos – so even if you are not a fan of social deduction games, you can probably find a way to enjoy the game. And now, fans Fighting games have an even more direct path. This is not even the first appearance of Among US cast in a combat game, but now they have a whole system for themselves.

Among US Arena is a free download hosted on, with the possibility to donate if you wish. You can choose from a wide range of characters: we have red, green, rose … Yes, they all play the same way. I do not know why I was expecting something different. Just like the original title Among US, the tools that are provided to you are quite simple: you have a heavy and light attack, as well as a pistol and a knife. You can also squat and jump, which does not limit the movements you have. But even with these basic tools, many players have been able to create long combos and juggle with the air, creating very elegant clips.

I heard that you enjoy all Among US combat game, so here is the biggest combo I have gather.
???? 1,485.5 damage that seems a little more ???? Amongusarena

  • Javamorris (@javamorris) September 11, 2021

The basic online functionality of the game means that you can even challenge your friends in fast matches. You always wanted to fight yourself against the impostor? You think you could totally beat this stupid little bean, if only the game offered a chance? Well, you are here.

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