Cyberpunk 2077 fan finds secret place and game congratulates him

Although Cyberpunk 2077 celebrates its annual anniversary in a few months, players discover themselves now Numerous hidden Easter Eggs and secret places in the game. As a fan proves now, a place is apparently so hard to find that you will even be rewarded and praised, you should reach him.

high on the roof in Cyberpunk 2077

What’s it? On YouTube and Reddit players have shared videos recently, in which you can see how they get to the roof of a skyscraper. There you will find two chests in which a revolver, a mod and a sporty sunglasses wave as a reward:

Link to reddit content

The special: The developer team of CD project Red is probably not assumed that many will reach the roof. That’s why it has left the lettering Well Done on the floor, which means translated well done .

How do I go to the roof? There are several ways to get to said site. The much simpler method is the Flying Katana Glitch, where you select a Katana, press the menu button when pushing away and then exchanges the Katana against another weapon and again. Now you keep an invisible katana with whom you can move in the direction you look.

But it works without Glitch: A user has discovered a method to get to the roof on a conventional way. Instead of the double jump he uses the charged jump, with which their great abysses can overcome:

Link to YouTube content

So you can swing from crane to crane and mitigate the bulges on the high-rise wall to the said platform. At the beginning of the video, the user is kindly shows you where the secret place is located. If the adventure lust has packed, you can go to this platform yourself.

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So it goes with cyberpunk 2077

Hidden and Dangerous 2 in 80 minutes (all campaigns) HD
About a month ago Patch 1.3 brought a first free DLC and important improvements in stability, performance and content with it. For autumn 2021, a free DLC with multiple updates and improvements is also planned, which unfortunately have no final date yet.

Also to the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions, which are planned for autumn 2021, no further details were betrayed. It also remains unclear whether there is still the planned multiplayer or whether it was completely deleted. With our review article on the roadmap you always stay up to date.

Which curious places have you already discovered in Cyberpunk 2077?

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