Game regulation water levels are the Chinese government issuing the guardian

In the midst of the Chinese government to enhance the level of game regulations, the Chinese government reported that the Chinese government is required to launch the ‘Panke’ issuance for the launch of the local game.

YES! The Action MMORPG RaiderZ Is Re-Launching! 。◕‿◕。

The news is that Hong Kong Daily Newspaper South China Morning Post quotes a plurality of sources and reported a single report. According to reports, the Chinese authorities said that on the 8th of the last 8 days, the meeting with Chinese games such as Tencens and Netsiz, were proved to have pending the issuance of the board for new games.

The South China Morning Post quoted the words of the official attending the meeting, and the Chinese government has reducing the number of games that will be released, and the game and immersion prevention is the top priority, and took a moment for new games, I said. Another official said that the government has judged that the number of games that have been completed this year is too much.

The Chinese national newspaper publication is not published since July 22, since it has not announced the issuance of new patronization. Started in November last year and posted a pandemic results once a month in 2021, and now it is not a new pane for about 50 days.

If the Chinese government has stopped the issuance of the board as a report, it is also a direct effect on the domestic game company that had in mind that the local entry is in mind. In particular, since 2017, the Chinese government has not given the Korean government to the Korean game, and the Summers Warriors have received the Pan written in December last year. In June of this year, in June, black desert mobile seemed to be a Chinese export route that the Chinese government received the ‘foreign festive’ for foreign games.

Meanwhile, China has been strengthening the game regulations in August to Youth Protection in the past. On August 31, the use of youth game was 3 hours a week, and it began to allow every week from 8:00 to 9:00 pm every week.

South China Morning Post will strictly comply with the issuer of the Korean government, such as the Chinese government, and will strictly comply with the adolescent game time limit, and do not focus on the maximization of sales, and do not convey the wrong value of gold I reported that I ordered it.

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