Daniel Radcliffe was going to be Morty at the Live Action by Rick and Morty

To promote the last chapter of the fifth season of _ Rick and Morty _, which will be released today, Adult Swim shared a Live Action version of this caricature, with Christopher Lloyd on the role of crazy scientist, and Jaeden Lieberher Manager of the young grandson. However, originally, the role of Morty was designed for Daniel Radcliffe, that’s right, Harry Potter himself.

Recently, Jason Demarco, Senior Vice President of Action and Anime with Warner Media and the Co-Creator of Toonami, shared a greeting message for the people involved in this Live Action. In the same account of it, Demarco pointed out that Radcliffe was considered for the role of Morty , but the actor rejected this position. This was what he commented:


Originally I wanted Daniel Radcliffe as Morty, because I know he is a great admirer, but (wisely) he rejected us. A wise man. It was an idea that sounded good on paper, but it would not have worked at all.

I Originally Wanted Daniel Radcliffe AS Morty, Because I Know He’s A Huge Fan, But He (Wisely) Turned Us Down. To Wise Man. It was an idea that sounded good on paper but wouldn’t have worked at all ????

  • Spiral Cursa Demarco (@ claknova1) September 3, 2021

At the moment there is no detailed explanation on the part of Radcliffe about him, especially considering that he is a fan of rick and morty. In the same way, Demarco points out that this was a successful decision and, although it does not offer more information, surely refers to the age of the actor , and the fact that Harry Potter manager no longer has the age for Interpret a child.

The last episode of the fifth season of rick and Morty will premiere today, September 5 , and here you can see the new advancement full of spoilers. Similarly, here is the Live Action promo of the series.

Via: Jason Demarco

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