Twitch Streamer Kyle Bosman plays Tetris for 12 hours and collects 14 000 for charitable works

Yesterday, we inform that the Twitch transmitter, Kyle Bosman, started a 12-hour Tetrisathon to raise funds for Girls Who Code. Now, it has come to an end and has collected a total of $ 14,266.24 for the charity, exceeding its initial goal of $ 10,000.


Throughout 12 hours, Bosman accumulated 894 tetries (the name to clear four lines at a time), all while he played through several different iterations of the game. Bosman began fundraising by touching one of the most recent releases, Tetris 99, and ended with the original 1988. 13,322 spectators tuned to take a look at Tetris’s action, raising the enormous sum of money for charity.

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Girls Who Code is a beneficial organization that aims to achieve that more women work in technology, after significant fall in recent years. The group achieves this by teaching girls about these careers when they are still young, which is done through school visits and summer camps. This gives girls the skills necessary for entry-level work in the field, as well as contacts to which they can resort once they have left the school.

The mission statement of the charity of your website is as follows:

In 1995, 37% of the IT were …

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