PS4 digital games will be playable on PS5 confirms Sony

The world has long waited for a PS5 presentation that has spoken in depth of possible retro-compatibility. It turns out that most of the topic information has been filed without incident on a PlayStation assistance page. The message reveals that more than 4000 digital PS4 games can be installed and played on PS5 in a very familiar way – with a unique feature.

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The page writes that installing a PS4 digital game on a PS5 console can be made via your gaming home. As we can imagine, the hub can be a new iteration of the PS4 library menu, which displays all your downloadable games purchased.

However, another detailed process is to connect a PS4 to the PS5 through a WiFi data transfer, allowing users to send older digital games and record data on the next generation console. So you may not want to exchange your PS4 yet. So far, there was no question of whether PS more could simply download backups from the online storage cloud.

With regard to visual improvements on PS5, some PS4 games will receive a Game Boost that will execute them at a higher and more fluid image frequency. It should also be noted that the DualShock 4 controller can be used when playing digital disks and PS4 titles.

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