Tencent Invests in Spec Ops The Line Developer Yager

Yager Development is the last Western developer in which the Chinese Conglomerate Tencent has invested.

The German studio based in Berlin announced, as reported Venturebeat, it receives an undisclosed amount of capital that will be used to finance current and future projects.

In particular, Yager, known for working on the Sleeping Stop Spec Ops: The line, will continue to work on new contents for the Royal Free-To-Play battle The Cycle and launch a publication program to inform gamers of games more Small and independent.

Tencent is not only the first gaming company in the world, but also a prolific investor with an exceptional list: we are very happy to join the range of Tencent’s partners who reads as a game industry Who’s Who, a Declared Timo Ullmann, CEO of Yager.

The presence of Tencent in Western Games is growing day by day. The technology giant helped Nintendo launch Switch in China last year and acquired conan exiles Developer Funcom.

In the last days, Bayonetta Platinum Games has also received an investment from Tencent, which will allow the studio of self-publish a triple-to play that it is currently developing.

Tencent is also a developer because his Timi studios worked on Call of Duty Mobile for Activision since the beginning of the project. The game was the greatest success of the American publisher this fiscal year.

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