Valheim Hearth and Home The first expansion is ready and has a launch date

Valheim was the great surprise of 2021. A certified triumph with millions of units sold that greatly overcome the expectations of Iron Gate, the small developer study that was responsible for carrying out the title. This situation has caused that, even reinvesting part of the profits to accelerate the arrival of expansions, they had to face great problems to take out the project forward. However, after more months of waiting for the expected, Hearth and HOME at last has a launch date: it will arrive on September 16 .

When is the new expansion of Valheim?

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Presented during the Gamescom with a spectacular trailer, you will hardly wait a few weeks until Hearth and Home is available for free for all players . The game of Vikings will thus add its first great expansion of content to give players more reasons to continue enjoying the survival adventure proposed by the title.

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