LOL Sevilla F C I could join the superliga and bring the Andalusian derbi to League of Legends

The next season of superliga could be the great revolution that the League of Legends Spanish was waiting. With the competitive course of 2021 completed in the absence of a last game in which the ascent and descent phase will be decided, different rumors have placed several soccer clubs as candidates to participate in the next edition of the competition. The last of them, a Sevilla C. F. That could follow the steps of the other Great Club of the Andalusian capital.


The possible entrance of the Seville in the maximum competition of the League of Legends Spanish took it Alejandro Cotrina Kuentin to the ESPORTMANIACOS program. An interest that was ratified in the subsequent intervention of his partner Javier Cepero Toad . So, he said that The interest is real and added that The environment of Sevilla FĂștbol Club could be tasting the market to know how much can be worth a place_ and that could have been even that there has already been a close contact and Communications have been opened with a superliga team.

The PROBLEM with NEW CHAMPIONS in League of Legends - Season 11
Each time more soccer clubs begin to be located in the environment of the League of Legends Competitive . The rumors are already aiming at the F.C. Barcelona could stay with S2V Square for the 2022 season. Thus, in the absence of official confirmation and new teams that may be added to the list of stakeholders, the next competitive season could count on three or more sets of sport arrivals traditional.

In spite of everything, different teams of the first divisions of Spanish sport have shown interest repeatedly to be incorporated into the competition, being few who have achieved it until now and less still those who could sustain long-term. Each time there is more competition for getting a space in the Spanish competition with soccer teams, ESports clubs and content creators fighting to arrive.

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