Black Desert Mobile Gets Great Ocean Expansion

_ Black Desert Mobile _ has received the Great Ocean expansion bringing a new region, all new attributes, tasks, as well as more.

You’ll have the ability to check out the Great Ocean after you have actually finished the North Valencia quests. On the map, you’ll see a fog-covered world mass. One of the major attributes of Great Ocean content is naval warfare.

Throughout this naval war, you’ll have the ability to release cannon fire and also wage battle versus savage sea monsters and also terrifying pirates. Pearl Abyss is noting the controls for these cannons should be relatively instinctive, so you should have the ability to swiftly and also conveniently pound enemies however holding, intending and launching the fire switch. Equally as you assault, however, you must additionally protect your loot from opponents in PvP.

While you’re out exploring on the waves, be on the search for flocks of seagulls which suggest abundant fishing grounds. At these angling grounds, you’ll have the ability to, um, fish, and exchange these fish for beneficial craft materials including plywood as well as steel. These materials are vital in updating your ship.

Simply last week _ Black Desert Mobile _ received the Lahn class. You’ll be able to select either Lahn’s initial Rising class, or her Crimson Lily Awakening class. We have actually obtained the information for you right here. You can in fact have a look at some Lahn fight from _ Black Desert Mobile_here.

Previously this year, _ Black Desert Mobile _ saw rebalance for the Blade Master, along with the Shai class signing up with the roster.

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