The Viral video of Pok mon Tiktok reveals how it looks dugtrio underground

The world of Pokémon contains many great mysteries, but none as confusing as those surrounding Diglett and Dugtrio. Earth-type Pokémon has been with the series since 1996, as part of the originals. However, after 25 years, we still have no idea how they look under the ground! Over the years, many fanatics and artists have revealed their interpretations, and one has become viral lately in Tiktok. In a video shared by @Thatchcollects, we can see a normal potted plant that has a dugtrio on the ground, but when the upper part is removed, you can find three diglett in a good tone below!

While the video has become viral, it is worth noting that this Dugtrio design has actually existed for at least five years. It started as a strange art of fanatics and since then has inspired a plant in physical flowerpot, and even some cosplay! The Tiktok video can be found right here, while the images on the pot plant can be found on the @pokemonkristal tweets embedded below.


[Togetic toook the dugtrio out of the pot!

Touko Received Rippedtrio!]

  • Kris (@pokemonkristal) February 5, 2021

Everything is a bit silly, but it’s fun to see how the ideas and concepts of fanatics can grow over time. It remains to be seen if The Pokemon Company will ever provide a real answer about how Diglett and Dugtrio are underground, but the mystery gives fans more opportunities to think about their own funny ideas.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first Pokémon games in Nintendo Game Boy. No one from Game Freak or Nintendo could have considered that the series would continue to be strong so many years later, but the franchise and creatures continue to play the sensitive fiber of new audiences. Next year you will see the launch of pokemon legends: Arceus, and players can expect to see some changes in Pokémon that have existed for a long time. Maybe this means that we will eventually see a change that is revealed with the appearance of Diglett and Dugtrio!

Have you reached with this Tiktok video? How do you think you see dugtrio underground? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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