Black Wukong publishes a new band

The last Black Myth Gameplay Trailer: Wukong has been published and it looks like a beautiful Sekiro game in a framework of Chinese mythology. Here is an overview of what exactly the game and what new gameplay details have been revealed.

First of all, the engine engine turns out to be Unreal Engine 5. With the trailer running at 60 IPS and 4K, it is also revealed that the game will support the NVIDIA and DLSS ray throw as well as Dolby Atmos . The animations of the game are incredible, realistic effects of snow particles with white lightning broadcast on an ice lake.

On the gameplay side, we have the confirmation of stealth attacks: the trailer starts with Wukong sneaking and knocking an enemy of a cliff. This opens the possibility of a pure stealth path through the game, although if the epic boss battles are something to do, the fight will probably be the main goal of the game.

The main defensive movements of Wukong include an I-Frame dash where it leaves behind a mirage clone, a roll, creating a fire ring around it and climbing on its stick. The first two movements are essential games of action as the Dark Souls series, while the two seconds are unique. The movement of the fire ring allows Wukong to draw a circle of flames around him, which seems to repel the enemies to attack. The second allows him to avoid any attack or projectile on the ground, as shown by the fact that he avoids the flash bombardment of a dragon.

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The main offensive tool of Wukong is its stick. In the game trailer, it is shown to perform two special movements: a burst of blows and a prolonged Jab attack. Wukong is shown at striker not less than 16 bosses – and if the trailer is something to do, the game will be filled with Epic Boss to be challenged.

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