Terrarias Last big update Journey s End starts on the PC on 16 May

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A long journey finally comes to an end.

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If you think of some of the biggest games and franchise companies that have been done over the years, think about things like Minecraft, schwerer motor vehicle theft, Vierzen days etc. You do not think much about the name to terraria, but it’s pretty big and sold at the beginning of this month over 30 million times. Now it seems that we have an end with the last big update.

As announced about the official Twitter, the last big update of the game will appear next month. It is accordingly named ende the trip and will add over 800 new craft objects, enemies, weather effects, biodome and apparently golf. This will be the last big update, but smaller updates will come.

Terraria is available on almost everything under the sun, but the end of the trip will not come to the PC on the 16th of May. No word about when or if this content will come to other versions. We will keep you up to date as soon as additional news are available.

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