E3 2020 should continue to be continued according to concerns regarding the Coronavirus

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The ESA says it is still a full force.

The Coronavirus has become a global epidemic, and the video game industry was hit pretty hard. This is the time of the year, in which large conferences are normally held directly sequentially, but almost all have been put into action in some way or way. The overall number of visitors of Pax East for publishers and developers was much lower than usual, and it is likely that the annual GDC was basically canceled. The central event of the industry, E3, is at least for the time being in the schedule.

In an explanation of the ESA to Vice Games it says that there are currently plans to comply with the schedule. They say that despite the various concerns about the current outbreak, the show will continue to be planned for this June. Of course, June is a bit in the future, so these plans could change.

Everyone is watching the situation very well, said the ESA. We will continue to be alert as our first priority is health, well-being and security of all our exhibitors and participants. In view of what we currently know, we drive the planning of the E3 2020 at full speed. The sale of exhibitions and registrations is on the way to an exciting show in June.

The E3 this year suggests a new direction as more and more big actors skip the once monumental conference. It seems that the ESA is determined to show us this new and revived E3 despite the current developments.

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