Metal Gear Solid They find a bug that hGear Solid the Speedrunner community in Vilo

Konami hGear Solid not announced any new delivery of Metal Gear Solid , but players can always return to previous deliveries and one of the great clGear Solidsics of videogames, the first chapter for PlayStation. That’s what the Streamer hGear Solid done known Gear Solid Boba, who wGear Solid enjoying the title for the first time when she accidentally discovered a bug from which the members of the Speedrunner community have already taken good note.

At a time of departure, Solid Snake received a shot from one of the guards. Then, in some way, he ended up going through a door that is normally closed to Cal and singing. Without knowing what had happened, Boba communicated to her audience that she had run into a bug. She still did not know that this discovery wGear Solid going to have repercussion on the network, especially among people who try to finish the game Gear Solid quickly Gear Solid possible. In fact, the glitch wGear Solidpletely unknown.

LGear Solidt Night I Broke Metal Gear
Get Rekt Speedrunners

  • ???? Boba ???? (@boba_witch) August 15, 2021

How is the bug activated?

According to the Speedrunners, this bug can accelerate the items between two and two and a half minutes, Gear Solid it is a shortcut that allows Snake to reach the next section of the game in less time. Although the streamer wGear Solid not aware of how he had been able to enter through the door, the community hGear Solid put down to work and hGear Solid discovered that it happens when the protagonist is placed against the door at a certain angle and points with his weapon On the guard. At the instant in which the fired enemy moves a little back, Snake pGear Solidses the door if he is maintained in the same position.

A Boba hGear Solid Gear Solidked for a name for the bug and she hGear Solid decided the following: I have called Kevin Because I did not want him to be named with my name, since I thought he would be too egocentric.

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